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  • Collection: Frazer, Robert

Four photographs mounted on a sheet.
#1 is two airmen standing beside a saloon car.
#2 is Robert and his crew.
#3 is the grave of Robert and his crew.
#4 is Robert in his aircraft.

The note accompanies a photograph of the grave of Robert Frazer.

A squadron of airmen arranged in three rows in front of a Hampden. There are three large dogs at the front. A second copy is attached.

The grave of six airmen. The pilot was Squadron Leader AL Collett, 83 Squadron.

#1 is a pilot at his station, identified as Robert Frazer. It is annotated 'No dates/place. Training?'.
#2 is seven airmen with Robert arrowed. It is annotated 'No dates/place. The crew (7) obviously, at a point in time, no names'.
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