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A daily newspaper from Malta with international news, fashion, correspondence, adverts, crossword, sport and local news.

Three airmen standing in a camp. On the reverse '1/2/46 Self, Alec & Mac at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.


Alec is squatting and holding the dog up on two legs. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec at Merv Camp Cairo Egypt'.

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The three men are in uniform and standing in a camp with tented accommodation. On the reverse '1/2/46 Self, Mac & Les at Merv, Cairo (Egypt) taken by Alec.'


A view of the camp at Cairo. In the distance a pyramid has been marked with a cross. On the reverse '1/2/46 Our camp at Merv, at Cairo (Egypt) with PYRAMIDS in the background. Marked with X.'

An airman sitting on a chair in the sunshine and smoking a pipe. Behind is a tent. On the reverse '1/2/46 Alec, taking it easy at Merv Camp, Cairo (Egypt)'.

Postcard to Mrs J. V. Hay from her husband. He writes that he is going to Cannes, has no particular news at the moment and hoping to be home in two weeks time.
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