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A man and a man dressed as a woman are strolling. He wears a flat cap, pullover and flannels and boots. He is using a walking stick. She is smartly dressed a skirt in a top and hat and is a carrying a handbag, Behind is a betting stall with a bookie.…

Harry's betting stall at the races. Harry is dressed in shorts, shirt, bow tie and straw hat. He also is wearing a set of binoculars. He is standing on a stool beside a blackboard with the odds. He has an assistant at his side writing on a board. He…

A man is dressed as a surfing woman. He is wearing shorts and a bikini top and is holding a surfing board.

Two men dressed as Native Americans. One is wearing a loin cloth and tribal markings the other is dressed as a woman with long braids and a frilly hemmed dress. Behind two spectators look on and in the distance a hut.

A man dressed as a horse. On a raised platform are a man dressed as a cheerleader and another man dressed in an old fashioned sleeping garment. Behind them is a band behind stands.

Two men dressed as jockeys, holding whips. They are standing in front of a wall with posters. At the side is a truck.

In the foreground a man dressed as a horse. On a raised platform a man and a man dressed as an elegant lady are holding each other closely. Behind them is a small band, only an accordion can be seen. At ground level there are many spectators.

Punch and Judy stall with two puppets in action. They are watched by a spectator. On the front of the stall is written 'Punch and Judy'

A man dressed as an elegant lady standing for the camera. He is wearing a large brimmed hat and is carrying a handbag. He has a sash with writing on it.

30 men arranged in three rows. One row is crossed leg, one kneeling and the third standing. Two are dressed as nurses, three have crests on their tee shirts, three have 'BBC' on their tee shirts, one man in a large hat and one man in a uniform.

A group of men dressed as cowboys and Native Americans arranged in two rows, one standing, one kneeling or seated. Behind are many spectators and on their left a man in a kilt.

A steward is walking with his arms out-stretched, behind a horseman is walking, led by a jockey. There are many spectators and a hut behind

A group of 12 men, some dressed in kilts and uniform tops are standing and sitting round a table with a tartan blanket. The wall of the hut has been made to look like a mud hut and the roof has straw to make it looked thatched. On the roof is a…

A group of eight men in kilts and uniform tops. Another man is kneeling in front of them in full uniform. At the side are two men dressed as women in short dresses.

A man in top hat and tails but without trousers is with a man dressed as an elegant lady. He is wearing a sash with writing on and is carrying a handbag. There are three other men dressed casually in shirts and shorts. They are standing in front of…

A man in kilt, uniform top and beret dances a sword dance over two crossed swords. He is dancing on the wooden platform and is watched by many spectators. There is an accordionist providing music. There are numbers on boards.

Five cowboys are dancing with five men dressed as cowgirls. They are dancing on the wooden platform and are being watched by many spectators.

A group of men wearing top hats. On their left is a man dressed as a native in a loin cloth. Behind are many spectators and a hut.

A line up of jockeys and their hobby horses ready to start. A man with a pipe stands at the finishing post/starting position. In the background there are many seated and standing spectators.

Four men standing on a raised platform playing accordions. There is a man seated at a piano behind them. In the foreground are stools for spectators. There are five men standing around.

A group of 14 men dressed as women. They are dressed in a variety of clothes, skirts and dresses. They are watched by many spectators.

A group of men dressed as Maoris are dancing outside their ceremonial hut. One man is holding a spear.

A circle of seven men in kilts with an eight man in the centre. They are dancing a reel on a wooden platform. There is a man playing an accordion at the side. They are watched by a large group of spectators.

Three men dressed as women on a raised platform. A fourth man in shorts stands beside them. They are watched by many spectators.

Eight men dressed in kilts dancing on a wooden platform. They are watched by many spectators.
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