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Two airmen playing badminton on the deck of a ship. They are being watched by five airmen.


Small boat at anchor. It has two masts and a single funnel.

An airman standing at the front of an Anson 'M4'. To the left is the tail of a second Anson.

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Bridal party composed of Arthur and Win Cushway, best man and three bridesmaids.

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An airman wearing a Sidcot suit is standing in front of an Anson.

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Win Cushway dressed in a blouse and skirt is leaning against a wooden gate. Her jacket is draped across the fence. Behind is a meadow full of flowers, and deciduous trees.

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The Suwa maru, lightly laden, is anchored in the sea. Black smoke is coming from its single funnel. Beside it is a tug.

A boat tied up beside a jetty with a sign for Bad-Ems. Behind are more boats, a pontoon bridge and a low hill with Schloss Stolzenfels.

Colour photograph of Win Cushway who is wearing a long white dress and is carrying a large floral bouquet. She is holding the arm of her groom, Arthur Cushway. They are standing in a garden with houses behind.

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