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A small group of men and women, some standing, some lying on the grass. Behind are deciduous trees. On the reverse 'W Calves'.

A bride holding a floral bouquet. She is wearing a long gown and a bridal hat. There is a woman behind her and a young girl is partly visible on the right.

Three women standing on the pavement in front of some houses. They are dressed in formal clothes with hats and handbags.

A bride standing holding a large floral bouquet. Beside her is the vicar. He has a sprinkling of confetti on his clothes. On their left are onlookers. On the reverse 'Maldwyn Edwards'

Two men in shorts are sitting on a wooden gate. On the reverse 'The Gypsies Lt. Burstead Whitsun 1939.' and '? Ted Seager'

Four women and a man are seated on deck chairs. There is an empty deck chair with a coat draped on the back. Two of the women are reading books, and a newspaper is on the sand between two chairs. There is a pair of sandals in front of the group.…

Group of people positioned round a u-shaped table layout. The tables are set for the dinner. There is a middle table with bowls of food. On the reverse 'W. Calves 1st [undecipherable] dinner'

They are positioned on the garden in front of bushes and a garden shed. He is wearing a light suit and polo shirt. She is wearing a short sleeved dress. On the reverse 'Aug 1937'.

A man wearing glasses and a dark suit, one hand on his hip. He is standing in a garden surrounded by bushes and behind him a garden shed.

The woman is sitting on a deckchair with her arm round the girl. A man stands behind the two. The woman and girl are wearing dresses, the man is wearing a polo shirt. They are in a garden surrounded by flowers. In the background is a small…

Bride, groom, two bridesmaids and a flower girl standing in a church yard. There are some onlookers on the right and left.

A young girl wearing a dress and standing in a garden with bushes behind her. On the reverse 'W. Calves'

A group of people standing in front of a doorway


A head and shoulders portrait of a young girl.

A view across a sandy bay. In the background is a low headland.

A view across a sandy bay. In the background is a village and the Headland Hotel, Newquay

The three are dressed in shorts and polo shirts and are forming a line. The middle person is holding ropes which lead behind and above. The last person is wearing a pork pie type hat. They are walking through a field with deciduous trees behind them.

A view of the river. On the banks deciduous trees and in the distance low hills. On the reverse 'River Wye. Llanstephan, July 1939.'

A view of the river Wye. On the reverse 'River Wye nr Llanstephan. July 1939'

A view of distant hills and clouds. On the reverse 'nr Ponterwyd July 1939'.

A view looking along a river valley, on the left a track leads towards a rounded hill. On the reverse 'Ystwyth Valley, Cardigan. July 1939'.

A view taken from a hill of fields, trees and distant hills. On the reverse 'Dinmore Hill, Hereford July 1939'

The cover of a wallet of photographs. Captioned 'Keep. (undecipherable) young Win'
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