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The telegram advises that he has arrived back in England. Handwritten is 'Ted home from POW camp'.

He reminds his wife that he is writing on the day of their first wedding anniversary. He expresses love for her and says he hopes to be home soon.

He apologises for having nothing new to say but he is fit and well.

Six views of Ted's box used for storing badges.
#1 has F/Sgt Thornhill on the front with flags of the USA, United Kingdom and USSR on the top.
#2 has F/Sgt Thornhill on the front.
#3 is the side with Stalag IVB.
#4 is the back showing the…

Two views of Ted's box opened revealing its contents.
There is a head and shoulders portrait of Ted with his POW number, 16865, printed on. There is a post it note with 'POW Germany Ted Thornhill 1943-1945'.
Inside the box is a Caterpillar Club pin…

Ted advises he has leave and Connie is asked to arrange their wedding on the 26th or as soon as possible.
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