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Note from Reg expressing his feelings.

Page of mathematical calculations and a law, administration and hygiene exam paper.


Written from the Sergeant's mess describing a dance at the station he had attended, family news and receiving a letter from Rose breaking off their relationship. Annotated 'Reg's last letter, received the same day as the news'.

A letter written on Canadian Legion War Forces headed paper to his mother describing visits to the cinema and pub and, on one occasion missing the last bus and having to walk back. Annotated 'Reg's last letter to me 1943'.

From Reg to his mum describing climbing hills close to where Hitler was in residence, a boat trip on the Rhine, visit to a farm, sightseeing, being homesick and not enjoying the food.

Letter from Reg to his mother describing his journey by boat and train to stay with his exchange partner, Schaeffer, in Cologne.
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