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Written in RAF pilot's flying log book by Sergeant, pilot Rosser, Lewis Victor, RAFVR - diary of night bombing operations. Gives date, aircraft, crew, target and description of each operation. Also included are extracts from the Bomber Command war…

Includes notes on: cross country procedure, navigation examples (calculations), aircraft flying instruments, pressure heads, air speed indicators, altimeters, turn and bank indicator, compasses, met, charts, calculations, artificial horizon and other…

Includes note on: air raid and other ground signals, notes on airmanship (aircraft and emergency handling), rules of the air, theory of flight notes, night flying and lights, forced landing procedure and formation flying,

Includes notes on: maintenance organisation, form 700, maintenance orders, flight testing of aircraft and rigging.


Includes notes on; RAF signals, equipment and organisation, purpose and function, facilities, R/T and W/T, uses, lists of stations and other notes.

Notes on pyrotechnics, bombing ballistics, bomb aiming, bombs, armament (guns), bombing errors,

Notes on navigation with examples of various routes with details. notes and definitions. Contains doodles.

Notes on Lancaster including compass, engines, fuel system, airmanship, hydraulics, pneumatic system, engine handling, icing, automatic pilot, hydraulic propellers and general notes.
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