Harrison, Joe


Harrison, Joe
Joe S Harrison
J S Harrison


26 items. The collection concerns Joe Harrison DFC (646488 Royal Air Force) and contains a brief memoir, documents, photographs and memorabilia. It also includes copies of The Marker, the Pathfinder Association magazine.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Joe Harrison and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Harrison, JS

Collection Items

Joe Harrison
Joe Harrison seated. He is wearing a blazer decorated with his medals and a Pathfinder badge. On the wall behind are wartime photographs.

Joe Harrison and Goff Green
Head and shoulders portrait of two airmen in flying gear. They are captioned: 'JS Harrison Rear Gunner' and Goff Green Mid Upper Gunner'.

Robert M'Clean's wedding
Bride and groom, one woman in British Army uniform, one Royal Air Force sergeant with observer brevet, church minister and five civilians. The groom has pilot wings.

Captioned: 'Robert M'Clean's wedding in 1944, the other RAF personell is Fred…

Pathfinder Club Car badge
Enamelled metal badge with eagle on a light blue background with a circle of dark blue, with text 'The Pathfinder Club'.

Folding fan
British Overseas Airways Corporation advertising folding fan including illustrations of people in different national costumes. On reverse, BOAC symbol.

Pathfinder Club Tie
Blue and gold Pathfinder club tie made by Ryder & Amies, Cambridge. Wool, 128 cm with golden embroidered eagles.

Pathfinder Club tie
Red and gold Pathfinder club tie made by Ryder & Amies, Cambridge. Wool, 128 cm with golden embroidered eagles.

Air Raid Precautions whistle

582 Squadron Battle Order
A battle order for 13th September 1944 signed by PH Gribb.

Thank you letter from Winston Churchill
A handwritten & signed birthday wishes thank you note from Winston Churchill,.

‘Thank you so much for your good wishes on my birthday Winston S Churchill November 30 1949’

Operations June 1944
A short memoir about operations over France before and after D-day. Includes how he received his award (as a D-Day veteran) of the Légion d'Honneur in Canberra.

Ops are on. Maximum effort
A memoir by Joe Harrison of his first operation in 1943. He describes the initial briefing, the events during the bombing run, the damage to their aircraft and his subsequent illness. Includes descriptions of the post-op analysis and good crew…
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