Harvey, Bill


Harvey, Bill
William Harvey
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11 items. An oral history interview with Flight Sergeant William 'Bill' Harvey (1922 = 2023, 1595171 Royal Air Force) and ten photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 640 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by William Harvey and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Harvey, W

Collection Items

Bill Harvey
A half length portrait of Bill in flying kit, including helmet and goggles. It is annotated 'To Sylvia With Lots of Love Billy xxx'.

A vertical aerial photograph of Oostkapelle. Much detail is visible on the ground. It is captioned '2441 LCF 28-10-44//7" 4000 104 1149 Oostkapelle W19.Z. 1 HC 2000 In.7 ANM59DN. 4 MC 500DT. C24 secs. P/O Goodrum Z640'.

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Ludwigshaven. The central part of the image is obscured by light, however the Rhine and tributaries are clearly visible. The caption reads '2762 LCF 2/3-1-45//NT (C) 7" [deleted] 018 1844 Ludwigshaven Z.…

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Soesterberg airfield. The image is mostly clear and shows many bomb craters. The caption underneath is overexposed and apart from the airfield name and 'Sgt Goodrum' is indecipherable.

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Koblenz. Most of the image is obscured by cloud and bomb explosions. In the top left corner is a wide river. It is captioned '2728 LCF 29-12-44// 8" [deleted] Koblenz/Mosel M/Y R [deleted] C35 secs F/O…

A vertical aerial photograph of an attack on Sterkrade. Road patterns and housing are clearly visible. It is captioned '2314 LCF 6-10-44 // 7 [deleted]/02 1715 Sterkrade Rd [deleted] Sgt Goodrum R [deleted]'

A vertical aerial photograph of an operation on Worms. Most of the image is obscured by light. It is captioned '2950 LCF 21/22-2-45//NT (C) 7" [deleted] 052 2043 Worms Z. [deleted] F/Lt. Goodrum Z. [deleted]'

Bill Harvey and his Bride
Colourised image of Bill and his bride on their wedding day.

Bill Harvey's Wedding
Bill Harvey, the bride, best man, bridesmaids, flower girls and parents outside the church on their wedding day.

Bill Harvey and Crew
Seven airmen including Bill forming the crew of a Halifax. Each man is identified in the caption underneath. Information supplied with the collection states 'Bill and Crew Leconfield 640 Sqn 1944-45, Pilot- Bill Gudrum-Middlesborough, BA - Arthur -…

Interview with Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey was working in the mines before volunteering for the RAF. He knew that as a miner he was in a Reserved Occupation and he would only be able to leave the mine if he was to volunteer for aircrew. He was accepted and began his training.…
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