Watson, Joan


Watson, Joan
J Watson


An oral history interview with Joan Watson.

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Watson, JB

Collection Items

K Watson’s RAF flying log book for navigators, air bombers, air gunners and flight engineers. Two
Flight Sergeant K. Watson’s RAF Flying Log Book for Navigators, Air Bombers Air Gunners and Flight Engineers, from 4th January 1954 to 11th October 1954, detailing his continued post-war duties as a Flight Engineer with 224 Squadron Coastal…

Pilot and Flight Engineer
Two airmen in the cockpit of an aircraft.
Additional information supplied with collection:

Black and white landscape photograph of aircraft (probably Short Stirling) cockpit in flight with two crew, probably pilot and co-pilot.

Submitted with…

Airmen and Stirling
A large group of airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Stirling. Information supplied with collection:

Black and white landscape photograph of 620 squadron at Fairford taken in front of a Short Stirling Mk4, K Watson is in the front row 8th…

K Watson Mentioned in a Despatch for distinguished service
A certificate issued to Flight Sergeant K Watson of Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

K Watson’s navigator’s, air bomber’s and air gunner’s flying log book. One
Flight Sergeant K. Watson’s RAF Navigator’s, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book, from 5th October 1943 to 23rd December 1953, detailing training and operations as a Flight Engineer. Also includes post-war duties with Coastal…

Ju 52 under service
Four airmen working at the front of a JU 52.
On the reverse 'Fl Sgt Watson was detained by transportation difficulties. Lt John F [indecipherable]uish'.

No 44/55 (Rhodesia) Squadron Fortnightly Return of Flying Personnel
A list of flying aircrew serving in 44/55 Squadron.

Aerial views of Lincoln
Five photographs on an album page.

Photo 1 and 5 are views under the aircraft. Photo 1 is captioned 'Bomb bay view 4000' .
Photo 2 is K Watson in flying helmet and oxygen mask, captioned 'Self portrait ?!!'.
Photo 3 is a vertical photo…

Flight Engineer's Examinations
A list of flight engineers' examination results. Aircraft listed as Stirling.

Anzio and Istres
Four photographs and two sketch maps on an album page.

Photo 1 is an aerial view of the beachhead at Anzio, dated Oct 12th 1944.
Sketch map 1 is a route across Sardinia and Corsica to Naples with Anzio and Rome marked.
Photo 2 is a group of men…

Padgate, 1665 CU, St Athans
Five items on an album page.

Item 1 is a sketch of men and huts, captioned 'Padgate Jan.Mar 1943 The Hopeless Dawn'.
Item 2 is a coloured RAF roundel.
Item 3 is a b/w photograph of two airmen, captioned '1665 CU Sept 43'.
Item 4 is an RAF…

RAF Stations visited by K Watson
A list of the RAF Stations on an album page that K Watson visited with dates. Included is a photo of a flying Stirling LS-J captioned 'The "Gen" Kite'.

K Watson's RAF Service
A hand-drawn graphic on an album page with K Watson's RAF Service detailed. It includes the dates and where he served.

Operations, D Day and The Old Robin Hood
Five items on an album page.

Item 1 is a newspaper cutting about Germans giving an aircrew champagne, then surrendering.
Item 2 is a handwritten list of three operations and their dates.
Item 3 is a photograph of a number of Stirlings…

204 Sqdn ATC 1941
A group of Cadets arranged in five rows, captioned '204 Sqdn ATC Lincoln'.

Quonset for Exercise 'Mariner'
A cutting with details about 220 Squadron's involvement in Exercise Mariner. Includes airmen's reactions to food and entertainment at base.

Odiham Flypast and sketch of route to Florida
Four items on an album page.

Item 1 is a photo of nine Shackleons flying in formation.
Item 2 is a sketch map of a route from St Eval, Reykjavik, Goose Bay, Q Point, Jacksonville, Montreal, Greenwood then returning to St Eval. Titled 'Ex.…

220 Squadron Crew List
A list of the crew members making up the eight aircraft due to fly. Annotated in handwriting at the bottom are spare personnel.

Avro Shackleton GR1
Shackleton VP257 flying over the Houses of Parliament, captioned 'Queens Birthday Fly Past May 1952'.

St Eval to Norfolk, Va
Six items on an album page.

Item 1 is a photo of a group of 12 airmen in front of a Shackleton, captioned 'C in C & Crew at Bermuda'.
Item 2 is a sketch map of the route from St Eval, Azores, Bermuda to Norfolk (Va).
Item 3 is a photo of a car…

UK to Ceylon
Four items on an album page.
Item 1 is a sketch map of the route from UK via Malta and Aden to Ceylon.
Item 2 is One rupee note issued by the Government of Ceylon.
Item 3 is a low level aerial photograph of Minicoy Island.
Item 4 is a photograph…

Galle, Colombo and Negombo
Five photographs on an album page.

Photo 1 is a low oblique of Galle Fort with four Shackletons.
Photo 2 is a large moth at a window, captioned 'Mighty Moth'.
Photo 3 is a street scene captioned 'Colombo'.
Photo 4 is of oxen under palm trees,…

Flying Shackletons and Ceylon
Four photographs on an album page:

Photo 1 is an oblique aerial image of Negombo Airfield, Ceylon.
Photo 2 is an air-to-air view of a Shackleton over Malta.
Photo 3 is an air-to-air image of two Shackletons over Colombo racecourse.
Photo 4 is…

Squadron Leader Labands Crew for Operation 'Scull'
One photograph on an album page captioned 'Sq/Ldr Labands Crew for Operation 'Scull', showing ten airmen lined up in front of a Shackleton.

Shackletons in Service
Two pages from The Aeroplane magazine with details of the arrival of Shackletons in squadron service at RAF Kinloss. There are seven images of Shackletons (in flight an on the ground) and aircrew with a brief description of the aircraft's duties.
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