Shaw, Stanley R


Shaw, Stanley R
S R Shaw


37 items. An oral history interview with Stanley Shaw (3002545 Royal Air Force) Photographs, documents and his log book. He served with a Repair and Salvage Unit and attended many crashes. He later served in North Africa and the Middle East.
The collection also contains two photograph albums; one of his RAF service and one of his time in a cycle club.

The collection has been licenced to the IBCC Digital Archive by Stanley Shaw and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Shaw, SR

Collection Items

Stan Shaw in a Varsity
A cockpit view of Stan in the right seat and another man in the left seat of a Varsity. On the reverse 'Running Up Varsity Aeropark. EMA [East Midlands Airport]'.

'Comm' Flight Khormaskar
A group of airmen and ground crew arranged in four rows in front of a Wellington with a fared over nose. On the reverse 'Comm Flight Khormaskar Aden Command March 1946-March 1947'
A post-it shows an engine and propeller with a star and 'Stanley Shaw…

Lancaster Recovery
Three copies of photographs of a Lancaster being recovered. It is annotated 'Aircraft No ME476 Coded TV No 1660 HCU (Heavy Conversion Unit) Swinderby Lincs 550 Sqdn Feb 45 5 MU SOC Feb 46'. On the reverse is an address of The Dalesman Pub Co Lts'…

A Wellington with a fared over nose being inspected by two airmen. Two more airmen are in discussion on the right. The main wheels appear damaged. On the reverse 'Asmara. Eritrea. Pre-flight Inspection'.

Flight Mechanic. Airframe (Flight Crew)
An airman in tropical khaki and shorts with parachute, standing by a stone wall. On the reverse 'Flight Mech. Airframe (Flight Crew)'.

A port side view of a Wellington on the ground with its engines running. The front turret is fared over.

Wellington Interior
Inside a Wellington showing the geodesic construction. Seats have been added down the fuselage. On the reverse 'Interior of Wellington 423 fuselage, taken from the main spar. Aden Sept. 1947'.

Cadets at Springfield School 1943
20 Air Training Corps cadets marching in front of their school. On the reverse 'Springfield School 1943'.

Ack Battery on Church Parade
A large group of marching men on parade. On the reverse '1943. Local Ack Ack battery on church parade, led by ATC band passing West Rd. Spondon'.
Included is a poor quality photocopied image. On the reverse 'Dale Road's Heavy Ack-Ack battery passing…

Air Training Corps 'A' Flight
A card with
'Air Training Corps.
'A' Flight.
1117 & 2069 Sqdn.
Spondon. 1941-44'.

Crashed Mosquito
A crashed Mosquito being recovered by Stan's team. Seven ground crew are posed at the front of the aircraft. Their lorry is parked at the front. On the reverse 'Mosquito Crash Swannington 1944-45 No 9 Salvage Party 54 M.U. R & S'.
In a second image…

2069 Squadron Wings for Victory Parade 1943
A group of air cadets marching along a street, led by drummers. On the reverse '2069 Sqn 119 March 1943 Wings for Victory Parade 1943'.
A second lower quality image is included. On the reverse '2069 Sqdn Spondon A Flight band leading Wings for…

Squad End of Training Photograph
24 airmen arranged in three rows. On the front is annotated '411 1944 Feb 27'.On the reverse 'Squad End of Training Photograph. No. 2. Recruit Training Centre. Cardington. February. 27th. 1944'.

2069 Sqdn ATC A Flight (Spondon) 1943
A group photo of the 2069 Air Training Cadet squadron. Stan is back row, sixth from left.
On the reverse the men are named.
A second identical but slightly better quality image is included. On the reverse of this is 'Original photo 42-43'
A third…

Stan Shaw and Wellington
Half length portrait of Stan in blazer standing beside a Wellington.

Bomber Command
A brief description of Bomber Command starting with Air Marshal Harris commanding, types of aircraft used, 1000 Bomber attack on Cologne and losses, the Pathfinder Force, losses, hazards to returning crews and casualties.

Repair & Salvage
A brief description of Stan's time at 54 Maintenance Unit.

Stan Shaw's Memoir notes
A page from Stan's memoirs starting with the airship R101, Cobham's Flying Circus, Air Training Corps, glimpses of his service activities then ending with the 54 Maintenance Unit.

Seven Aircraft Recovered by Stan Shaw
A list of seven aircraft recovered by Stan Shaw and his team.

Stan Shaw's Experience with Comms. Flight
A detailed description of three flights undertaken in 1947 . Stan flew on 53 trips as a flight engineer. He names some of his colleagues and mentions they never had a crash between March 46 and March 47.

54 MU RAF Repair and Salvage (43 Group)
A document listing the activities of the Maintenance Unit Repair and Salvage unit. It describes the recovery of damaged aircraft which could be rebuilt and returned to service. The make up of the team is described.

Aircraft Recovered by No 9 Party, 54 MU
A list of 29 aircraft recovered during 1944-45 by No 9 Party, 54 Maintenance Unit.

1117 Squadron Air Cadets
A list of five cadet members and their fates.

Postponement of Calling up for Service
A document issued to Stan Shaw by the RAF Volunteer Reserve. It postpones Stan's calling up.

Stan Shaw's Certificate for a Spotter's Club
A certificate issued to Stan by the National Association of Spotters' Clubs.
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