Shaw, Stanley R. Album 1


Shaw, Stanley R. Album 1


65 items. An album containing photographs of Stan Shaw and his time in a cycle club.

The collection has been licenced to the IBCC Digital Archive by Stanley Shaw and catalogued by Barry Hunter.


Shaw, SR




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Shaw, SR

Collection Items

Woman with Bicycle
A woman with a bicycle, standing by a stone wall.

People in fancy dress
A group of 16 men and women. They are dresses up as older folk with beards, moustaches, scarves and flat caps outside the Rose & Crown pub.

Stan Shaw on his bicycle
Stan on his bike, holding on to a wall for support. On the reverse 'S 1948'.

Start of a Cycle Race
One cyclist being supported at the start of a race with three more behind.

Cycle Race
Two cyclists sprinting to finish a race, watched by a crowd on banked seating.

Cycle Race
Two cyclists racing, viewed from the side.

Single Cyclist
A cyclist at a velodrome. On the reverse 'Sprint at Municipal track 1948'.

Group of Cyclists
The group is racing round a velodrome with one man in the lead.

Six Cyclists
Six cyclists watched by an official, on a velodrome.

Cyclists Racing
Two cyclists racing and watched by a large crowd.

Cyclist Cornering
A single cyclist cornering.

Stan Shaw
Stan standing in front of wooden huts. He is wearing shirt, tie, blazer and flannels. On the reverse '[indecipherable] Shaw'.

Four Cyclists including Stan Shaw
Two men and two women cyclists with arms linked together. Stan is second from left.

Stan Shaw starting a Race
Stan on his bicycle being supported by an assistant at the start of a race.

Three Men and a Football
Three men, one holding a football. Behind is a stone building.

Stan Shaw and his Cycle
Stan astride his bicycle, in a garden. On the reverse 'Stan after a morning on the road. Sept. 52 [indecipherable]'

Two men, one trike
One man sitting on a child's tricycle with another man crouched beside him. Behind is a stone wall.

Arthur and Jack, Cyclists
Two men standing by their bikes. Behind are a row of palm trees. On the reverse 'Arthur and Jack Tour de Egypt. May. 1947.'

Stan Shaw and Dave
Two friends sitting outside on the arms of a chair. On the reverse 'Dave and Self [indecipherable] 1946'.

Tennis Court
A tennis court viewed from afar. On the reverse 'No. 1 tennis court outside Block 4 East.'

The Barren Rock Fishermen
Seven airmen arranged on and around a small boat. They are displaying tiny fish that they have caught. On the reverse 'The Barren Rock Fishermen Aden. Oct. 1946'.

Airmen and Friends, Khormaksar
Three airmen and two friends standing in a group. On the reverse 'Willie, Chicko, Bert, Sam, Bill, Khormaksar. Aden. April. 46'.

Johnnie and Peter
An airman holding a child on his bicycle. The boy is wearing a pith helmet. On the reverse 'Johnnie and Peter, Aden. Oct. 1946'.

Groups of Cyclists
Three photographs of cyclists. Most are resting but in each image one cyclist is passing by.

Cyclist starting a Race
A cyclist supported by an assistant and watched by a race official.
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