Dunn, George


Dunn, George
George Charles Dunn
G C Dunn


Six items. Two oral history interviews with George Dunn DFC (1922 1333537, 149315 Royal Air Force), a photograph a document and two log books. He flew operations as a pilot with 10, 76, and 608 Squadrons then transferred to 1409 Meteorological Flight.
There is a sub collection of his photographs from Egypt.

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Dunn, GC

Collection Items

Seven Airman and a Halifax
Seven airmen standing with their hands in their pockets in front of a Halifax. A member of the ground crew is behind.

George Dunn's log book extract
An extract from George's logbook with a summary of his flying in the RAF. It includes aircraft type, where and hours flown.

Airman on a Camel
An airman sitting on a camel with an Egyptian. Behind is a pyramid.

Two Airmen in a Launch
Two photographs of two airmen on a launch. Both are wearing shorts.

Cricket Team
Eleven men arranged in two rows, dressed for cricket.

Airman and Halifax
An airman in flying kit standing at the front of his aircraft. A ground crew airman is working behind him. On the reverse 'George with Halifax'.

Three Airmen
Three airmen wearing tropical uniform, one in shorts. On the reverse '12.6.47'

Three Airmen
The three airmen are working on a table. On the reverse Working out Dave's courses etc for his U.K. trip June 46'.

Four Men in a Jeep
The four men in a jeep. On the reverse 'Our usual gang in jeep "By Pass Rules"

George C Dunn’s pilot's flying log book. Two
Pilots flying log book two for George C Dunn, covering the period from 1 August 1945 to 17 June 1947. Detailing his post war flying with 1409 long range meteorological and special duties recconnaisance flight, 109 squadron, 1357 meteorological…

George C Dunn’s pilot's flying log book. One
Pilot's flying log book one, for George C Dunn, covering the period from 11 January 1942 to 30 July 1945. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and instructor duties. He was stationed at RCAF Caron, RCAF Weyburn, RAF Chipping Norton, RAF…

George Dunn DFC joined the Royal Air Force in June 1941 and initially trained as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, before training in Canada as a Pilot. He flew aircraft such as Avro Ansons and Airspeed Oxford.
He tells of his experiences as ‘second…

Interview with George Dunn
George was born at Whitstable and was 17 when war was declared. He joined the local Defence Volunteers which became the Home Guard. When he reached 18 he volunteered for air crew. He was interviewed at Chatham and sat an exam and selection board to…
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