Dunn, George. Ismailia


Dunn, George. Ismailia


Seven items. Photographs of his time in Egypt.




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Dunn, GC

Collection Items

Airman on a Camel
An airman sitting on a camel with an Egyptian. Behind is a pyramid.

Two Airmen in a Launch
Two photographs of two airmen on a launch. Both are wearing shorts.

Cricket Team
Eleven men arranged in two rows, dressed for cricket.

Airman and Halifax
An airman in flying kit standing at the front of his aircraft. A ground crew airman is working behind him. On the reverse 'George with Halifax'.

Three Airmen
Three airmen wearing tropical uniform, one in shorts. On the reverse '12.6.47'

Three Airmen
The three airmen are working on a table. On the reverse Working out Dave's courses etc for his U.K. trip June 46'.

Four Men in a Jeep
The four men in a jeep. On the reverse 'Our usual gang in jeep "By Pass Rules"
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