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Ansell, Henry
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21 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Henry Thomas Ansell, DFM (b. 1925, 1893553 Royal Air Force) and contains his logbook, his release book, a school report, two German language documents and several photographs. Henry Ansell served as a flight engineer with 61 Squadron and 83 Squadron Pathfinders.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Vicki Ansell and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Ansell, HT

Collection Items

Reconnaissance photograph of Munich. Some buildings have been marked and annotated with numbers. The Frauenkirche is visible in the bottom right corner. Captioned '3139 106 W.218 3-5-44 F/36” // 540SQDN'.

Target photograph of an unidentified target, coastline and built-up area. Captioned '3026 D/490.542 SQDN 4 May 43 F/20→'.

Airmen and women
Over 50 airmen and Women's Auxiliary Air Force personnel in four rows (front row seated). On the reverse 'HT Ansell Front 3 from left'.

Route map
A fragment of a route map used by a navigator from England to north east Germany.

Flight Engineer's Log
Pre-flight checks for Lancaster ME-527 and engineer's log

Bericht aus Westdeutschland
Propaganda leaflet concerning post-war German reconstruction. Stresses that the task would be carried out by Germans themselves and must begin immediately.

School Report Book of Henry Ansell
A record of Henry Ansell's time at Plaistow Secondary School, West Ham from 15th September 1936 to 25th July 1940. Includes marks for each subject, attendance, height and weight.

Henry Ansell's service and release book
Service and release book of Sergeant Henry Ansell from 12 April 1943 to 15 May 1947.

The first part is targeted at the German population and argues, with illustrations, for passive and active resistance against the regime. It uses the image of Germany’s many broken bridges to argue that the only bridge open to the German people is…

Alf and Henry Ansell
The first photograph is Henry as a baby sitting on his mother's knee. His sister is perched on a table to one side. The second is Alf in Royal Air Force uniform while training as aircrew, and the third is Henry wearing a sergeant's uniform with…

63 airmen
A group of 63 airmen arranged in five rows. Behind is a wall with climbing plants.

15 airmen
A group of 15 airmen arranged in three rows. At the front is a board with Class 376 "A". On the reverse is '376 'A' B----- Snoops Course Weeton' and 15 names, signatures and their exam results.

Class 4
A group of 38 school children arranged in five rows. The middle child in the front row is holding a board with 'Class 4' chalked on it. Behind is a piano and an assembly hall.

Firemen on parade
A group of firemen being inspected by an officer. In the background is a fire engine. On the reverse 'Ansell Barking', photographer's stamp address is Ilford, Essex.

Airmen in a classroom
Group of airmen seated on wooden benches around tables. They all have headsets on and are smiling at the camera.

Royal Air Force Police
Group of 53 airmen and airwomen arranged in four rows. Some are wearing Royal Air Force Police armbands. Behind is a leafless tree and building.

Vertical aerial target photograph of Politz oil refinery. It is annotated '3966.CON.13/14-1-45//NT.7" 18500 070 22:09 Politz H. 14 CP3 29 secs F/O Inniss H 83'

Vertical aerial reconnaissance photograph annotated 'Munich Report No K2091 Neg No 3090' and with a North arrow. Individual buildings are outlined in black.

Half length portrait of an airman in uniform. He is smiling and seated.

Henry Ansell
Head and shoulders portraits of Henry Ansell in civilian clothes, shirt and tie. A second portrait is taken in profile. On the reverse 'April 1st 1943, RAF Scampton'.

Harry Thomas Ansell's flying log book for flight engineers
The log book covers the training and operational duties of Flight Engineer Sergeant Harry Thomas Ansell, from 14 April 1944 to 24 May 1945. He trained at RAF Torquay, RAF St Athan, RAF Stockport and was stationed at RAF Wigsley, RAF Syerston, RAF…
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