Ode to Last Year



Ode to Last Year


A three page poem about happiness with another person.




Three handwritten pages


IBCC Digital Archive


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[underlined] Ode to Last Year [/underlined]
Last Year; the memory still undimmed,
Of days carefree and gay;
Of nights with the moon & stars & things.
When love & bliss held sway.

Last Year; that glorious [deleted] & forgetful [/deleted][inserted] unforgotten [/inserted] age.
Thru’ field and glade we strolled;
Together in youthful bandinage
Laughed, joked, with worlds ne’er cold.

Last Year; Aught for the world cared we;
Laughing and playing as lovers may
In careless joy and ecstasy
Which drove all worldly care away.
[page break]

Last Year we dreamed in joy untold,
Nor thought the dream would end like this;
But that love would e’er unfold,
New dreams of everlasting bliss.

Last Year; whose dream is unfulfilled,
Gives way to the fateful march of time,
For the mind of Youth can turn at will,
[inserted] So thou [/inserted] [deleted]And so you[/deleted] to [inserted] thine own [/inserted][deleted] your [/deleted] way ¬¬–[inserted]and[/inserted] I[indecipherable word] mine.

Last Year our life would meet in kiss divine
Our hearts united in heavenly embrace.
Until, O faithless one, thou broke this heart of mine,
Thy lips held tryst with another face.
[page break]

Last Year we parted; tore apart our tracks,
And may be pardoned if we shed a tear;
For ‘twas farewell – we turned our backs,
On love that bloomed, and thrived,
– Last Year



Peter Hattersley, “Ode to Last Year,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 9, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7023.

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