No 102 P.D.C. Cardington notes on pay and allowances



No 102 P.D.C. Cardington notes on pay and allowances


Applies to Class 'A' releases. Applies amendments to information in service and release book in certain circumstances. Covers immediate payment and by three postal drafts during for the first 56 days of leave. Any other pay will be forwarded.




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[underlined] No. 102 P.D.C. CARDINGTON [/underlined]
Notes on Pay and Allowances

Amendment – Class “A” Release only

The information in your Service and Release Book on the above subject is being amended in certain cases.

It may not be practicable to close your account in time to make the final payment on the 42nd day after you leave here. In order to avoid, as far as possible, the hardship that might cause you, you are being paid here today in cash and by three postal drafts for the first 56 days of your leave. The three postal drafts are cashable at any Post Office, on production of your Service and Release Book for stamping 14 days 28 days and 42 days hence.

Any sums due to you in respect of either leave in excess of 56 days or other final credit balance, will be forwarded to you as soon as possible after your account has been closed.

If you have raised a query here on your pay account, we shall follow it up and tell you when a decision has been given. Delay is very probable and there is no advantage in writing to remind us – we shall pay you any arrears as soon as we can.



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