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17 items concerning Flying Officer Laurence O'Hara Larmer (1920 - 2023, 430037 Royal Australian Air Force). Lawrence Larmer volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force and trained in Australia and Canada. He flew operations as a pilot flying Halifax with 51 Squadron from RAF Snaith. The collection consists of one oral history interview with him, wartime photographs of aircraft, aircrews and targets, his logbook, route maps, and an official certificate.

The collection was donated by Laurence Larmer and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Larmer, LO

Collection Items

Reconnaissance photograph of Heligoland after bombing, with most buildings and port facilities destroyed and large plumes of smoke from fires.

Additional information about these items was kindly provided by the donor.

Target photograph of Helgoland. Explosions cover almost the whole frame, with some port facilities visible top right.

Laurence Larmer's Royal Australian Air Force flying log book
Royal Australian Air Force flying log book for Laurence Larmer covering the period from 7 April 1943 to 3 August 1945. Detailing flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAAF Benalla, RCAF Dauphin, RAF Fair Oaks, RAF Banff, RAF…

Pilot's brevet
Pilots wings with Guinness badge

Rank shoulder board
Pilot officer mess kit shoulder board with metal Royal Air Force crown, eagle badge and button.

Laurence Larmer's officer's certificate of service
Officer's certificate of service for Laurence Larmer. Commissioned 22 September 1944, terminated as Flying Officer on 11 February 1946. Awards were 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal.

Correspondence concerning Laurence Larmer's regrets over the cities he bombed during the Second World War
1 - news cutting concerning a 92 year old Second World War veteran penning an apology for bombing German cities. 2 - letter from Laurence Larmer while offering no apology, regretting that the operation he flew on 11 April 1945 resulted in the loss of…

Goole and Pontefract
Ordnance survey of England and Wales map, sheet 32, Goole and Pontefract, second war revision 1940, with the intersecting runways of RAF Snaith drawn on.

Route to Wangerooge
Newcastle to Prague captains of aircraft map showing route from just north of Hull across the North Sea to Wangerooge island. Includes timings and call signs.

Target photograph of Wangerooge with coastline running middle left to top right. Buildings below with clouds or bomb explosions obscuring bottom right. Captioned '3273 LCF 25-4-45//8" 8000 [censored] Wangerooge(B). Y. 9AMN59DT.4MC500DT [censored],…

Laurence Larmer's crew
Laurence Larmer with his aircrew wearing battledress and side caps standing in front of an aircraft. On the reverse four signatures.

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Reconnaissance photograph of Helgoland with port facilities visible.

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Bomb damage to Cologne
View of city centre with many badly damaged buildings as well as some completely destroyed.

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Halifax on runway
Front quarter view of the starboard side of a Halifax on runway with tail up. Hangar in the background. On the reverse 'Halifax 'U' Uncle. 51 Squadron, damaged on take-off 23.3.45'.

Personnel in front of Halifax
One hundred plus 51 Squadron personnel in five rows in front of a Halifax. In the background on right the top of a hangar.

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Halifax 'E' and aircrew
Side view of the front of a Halifax. On the nose a silhouette of a chorus girl with 'Expensive Babe'. Under the cockpit, four rows of 25 bomb symbols and one swastika. In front seven aircrew in flying suits and Mae Wests walking away from aircraft.…

Interview with Lawrence Larmer
Lawrence Larmer was born in Australia in 1920. After completing school he went to work on the Beaufort aircraft in the Department of Aircraft Production. He was called up in 1942 and volunteered for the Royal Australian Air Force to avoid the army.…
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