Davies, David Charles. Album


Davies, David Charles. Album


One album with photos of personnel and aircraft.




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Davies, DC

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Mickey the Moocher
Nose art on a Lancaster depicting Mickey Mouse pulling a bomb on a trolley towards '3rd Reich' and 'Berlin' as depicted on a signpost. There is a bomb tally of 93 painted below the cockpit of which 12 indicate daylight operations. On the reverse…

Rear turret and David Charles Davies
First, crew member in the rear turret of a Lancaster with the guns raised.
Second, a head and shoulder studio portrait of David Charles Davies in uniform. He is bareheaded and has his sergeant's stripes are on his sleeve and his air gunner's brevet…

Bomb loading and David in position
First, five men work underneath the fuselage of a Halifax in to which bombs are being loaded. Three further men are working on the port wing of the aircraft. The aircraft is held in place by chocks on the wheels. Second, David in flying suit,…

Groups of uniformed men
First, three men in uniform and side caps sat on a dead tree trunk in a clearing with a track and woodland beyond. Two of the men have brevets above their left breast pockets and the other has his pilot's wings.

Second, a group of 49 uniformed…

Wismar 12/13 October 1942
Sketch of a Lancaster dropping bombs, amidst searchlights, cloud and smoke. Each bomb is labelled with the crew member's names 'F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass and Sgt Osterloh'. Below the sketch is a…

Group of airmen
A group of 47 uniformed men arranged in four rows; seven sat crossed legged on the ground, 14 seated, 13 standing and 13 standing in an elevated position behind. They are on a pavement in front of a brick wall rising above their heads. Four of the…

Aircrew and a Lancaster
First, a group of 12 men in uniform and flying suits standing under the starboard wing of a Lancaster with David is standing sixth right. Five of the men are wearing side caps and five are wearing flying suits and parachute harnesses. Parachute bags…

Aiming point certificate, aircrew and Manchester
First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Wismar, 12/13.X.42 F/Sgt Turner, F/Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, four men in uniform and side caps…

Aircrew and in the barracks
First, David, left, with another man dressed in their flying suits, boots and gauntlets holding their flying helmets. They are standing outside wooden buildings with glazed windows.
Second, three men in uniform. David far right and the man on the…

Aiming point certificate and aircrew
First, a sketch of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Duisburg, 6/7 Sept. 1942 F/Sgt Turner, Sgt Anderson, Sgt Davies, Sgt Hunter, Sgt Coombes, Sgt Cass, Sgt Osterloh. 61 Squadron.' Signed 'A Pollen P/O 1942.' Second, the damaged port engine of a…

Four men on a damaged wing and view of the rear turret
First, four uniformed men sitting on the damaged port wing of a Lancaster. David, bareheaded, is sat far left with his colleagues all wearing side caps. The wing has torn metal creating a hole in the upper surface of the wing.
Second, a man in…

David Charles Davies
First, a head and shoulders portrait of David in uniform with his sergeants stripes and his bomb aimer brevet.
Second, David dressed in his flying suit, boots and gauntlets holding his flying helmet and breathing apparatus. He is standing alongside…

Sitting on a blockbuster and a damaged Lancaster
Firstly, a man in uniform with sergeant's stripes and a brevet, wearing gloves, sat on a Cookie. The bomb is on a bomb trolley in an open field alongside an aircraft with buildings and hedgerow in the distance.
Second, David, second right, is sat…

Front and back album covers
The card cover of a British made photograph album, entitled 'snapshots' and tied with blue cord and showing the edges of leaves protruding at one side.

Spoof photograph and airborne Manchesters
A spoof photograph of a crew of five aboard a flying carpet. The pilot is wearing a light coloured flying suit and using a broomstick as a control column. An airman is crouching over the pilot looking through a telescope, another sits beside a camera…
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