Williamson, Frank-249


Williamson, Frank-249


24 items. The collection concerns Frank Williamson (b. 1912, 1311249 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents and newspaper clippings. He flew operations as an air gunner with 106 Squadron.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Lyn Williamson and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Williamson, F

Collection Items

F Williamson's Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A with a brief record of F Williamson's time in the RAF.

F Williamson’s observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for F Williamson, air gunner. Covering the period from 27 December 1942 to 27 June 1944. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF Morpeth, RAF Cottesmore, RAF Fulbeck,…

1311249 Flt Sgt Williamson, Air Gunner Lancaster
A biography written by his son.

F Williamson
A head and shoulders portrait of F Williamson, in uniform.

A List of Operations
A list of 12 operations undertaken by F Williamson. It is handwritten on a newspaper dated October 24 1943.

News-Map; The Germans are Attacked on Four Fronts
A map showing the fronts of attacking forces.

1,500 Ton Raid on Kassel Supply Link
A newspaper article about the attack on Kassel. It is annotated 'No 16 22/10/43'.

Munich Plastered Again: Terrific 25-Minute Blitz
A newspaper article about an attack on Munich. It is annotated 'No 14 2/10/43'.

1,700 Tons on Hanover - Emden is Hit Again
A newspaper article about attacks on Hanover and Emden. It is annotated 'No 12 27-9-43'.

Lane of Flares Over the Rhine
A newspaper article about attacks on Mannheim-Ludwigshaven. It is annotated 'No 11 23/4/9/43'.

Hanover A Blazing Ruin
A newspaper article describing an attack on Hanover. It is annotated 'No 10 22/3 9/43'.

Nuremburg Was 'Laid Flat'
A newspaper article describing an attack on Nuremberg. It is annotated 'No 9 27/8 1943'.

RAF Raids Given New "Punch"
A newspaper article discussing new precision bombing. It is annotated 'No 8 23/8/43'.

3,000 Sorties Smash Nazi Defence Plane Plants
A newspaper article about bombing several aircraft factories. It is annotated 'No 7 17/18 Aug 1943'.

Hamburg New Blow
A newspaper article about another attack on Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 6 2/3 8/43'.

Hamburg: the Decisive Stage
An article about another attack on Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 6 2/3 8/43

Arms City Wiped out in 18 Minutes
An article about the bombing of Remscheid. It is annotated 'No 5 30/7/43'.

Hamburg Gets its 3rd 2,000-ton Hammering
A continuation of another cutting. It is annotated 'No 4 29-7-43'.

Another 2,000 Tons on Hamburg
A newspaper cutting on another attack on Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 4 29-7-43'.

Hamburg Fires Lit up RAF Bombers
A newspaper article on an RAF operation to Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 3 24/7/43'.

46 Tons a Minute on Hamburg
A cutting referring to an attack on Hamburg. It is annotated 'No 3 24-7-43'.

Cologne gets 116th Raid
A cutting referring to an attack on Cologne. It is annotated 'No 2 16-6-43'.

Guns Massed Miles Deep in Desperate Defence of Ruhr
An attack on Bochum. The cutting is annotated '13/6/43 No 1'

F Williamson Notes
A brief explanation about the newspaper cuttings.
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