Hogan, P J. Document file


Hogan, P J. Document file


Twenty-two items. Contains photographs and official documents.




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Hogan, PJ

Collection Items

P J Hogan general conduct sheet
Certified several times on several dates with no entries

P J Hogan service conduct sheet
Certified - No entries from records.

Training, non-operational and operational details
Lists training details. Aircraft Anson and Battle in Australia. Advanced training in United Kingdom on Anson, Wellington and Halifax at West Freugh, Lichfield and Richall. Operational flying on Halifax 466 Squadron at RAF Driffield and 466 Squadron…

RAF Confidential report Pilot Officer P J Hogan on posting
Contains personal details,, reporting officers opinion and grades. Remarks of CO and next senior officer.

Acknowledge receipt
Acknowledges receipt of commission form.

Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration form
Signed by P J Hogan with embarkation and disembarkation dates.

P J Hogan RAAF airman's record sheet
Includes personal details and list postings from 1943 to 1945. Promotions up to Flight Sergeant. Commissioned in June 1945.

Pilot Officer P J Hogan's RAF officer record of service
Aircraft flown Battle, Anson, Wellington, Halifax. Navigator. Medical examination at RAF Waddington. address in Australia, next of kin. List of postings to units.

P J Hogan record of leave granted
Dates in 1945 and 1946. Includes date of embarkation from overseas and disembarkation leave.

P J Hogan's postings
Postings to units in 1944

P J Hogan's record of leave
Various dates in 1944 and 1945

P J Hogan record of postings
Gives personal details, navigator and list posting units and dates. Shows aircraft flown as Battle, Anson, Wellington and Halifax.

P J Hogan's record of leave
One entry from 8-1-44 to 13-1-44

P J Hogan certificate of service
Contains personal details dates of service and discharge, promotions and postings and movements.

P J Hogan's Royal Australian Air Force reserve  form
Contains personal details and certificate of medical examination

Citizen air force questionnaire
P J Hogan filled out questions to be put to recruit before enlistment - personal details with attestation and declaration signatures.

P J Hogan covering letter
Letter covering enclosed certificates for service and discharge covering the period he was an airman and covering the period he was an officer on the active list of the Royal Australian Air Force.

P J Hogan's details
Gives name, rank demobilization date, decorations awarded (1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and eligible for returned from active service badge,

Receipt for document
P J Hogan signs for receipt of Royal Australian Air Force airmen's certificate of service and discharge and officer's certificate of service.

Patrick Joseph Hogan's personal record of service
Personal details. Rank Flying Officer, 466 Squadron flying. List courses.

P J Hogan. Thumbnail photographs
Seven b/w thumbnail photographs, two in uniform with side cap, three in shirt sleeves and two with civilian shirt all with service number. Label with handwritten note 'Hogan P J, 436464'.

File cover
Hogan P J Officers records - directorate of postings brown file cover
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