Stewart, Edward Colston. Imming, Muriel Audrey


Stewart, Edward Colston. Imming, Muriel Audrey
Stewart, Ann Marie


88 items. The collection concerns Flight Officer Ann Marie Stewart (b. 1922, 5215 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs. She served in Malta and Singapore.

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Collection Items

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force Officers' School Initial Course no 55, "A" Flight
A group of women arranged in three rows at Rutland Hall, Loughborough. Each woman is named underneath. A/S/O Imming is underlined and handwritten beside it is 'my mother'. Annotated on the front is 'My love to 55 CF Seabrook Fl/Off' and…

Muriel Audrey Imming
Five photographs of Ann Marie in WAAF uniform.
Photo 1 and 2 are the same head and shoulders images.
Photo 3 is a half length portrait of her in section officer uniform, leaning on a balcony overlooking the sea.
Photo 4 is her in WAAF blouse and…

Roman Ruins, Malta
A double exposed image with Roman ruins, scaffolding and a horse. On the reverse 'RAF Malta - Sightseeing -1944'.

Porte des Bombes, Floriana
Porte des Bombes archway in Floriana, Malta. On the reverse 'RAF Malta - ? Floriana Sightseeing - 1944'.

St. George Church at Habbaniya
A plain church with a bell. On the reverse 'RAF Sightseeing Malta - ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

Officers Mess, Malta
A stone built building identified as the Officers Mess, A set of steps leads to the entrance. On each side are terraces with umbrellas and officers drinking. On the reverse 'Officers Mess - RAF (?Malta)1945'.

Uniformed Iraqi Man
A man in uniform. On the reverse 'Another Arab Iraq'.

Grand Harbour, Valetta
A view of the harbour at Valetta. On the reverse 'With the RAF in Malta - 1944/5'.

Unknown Road
An unknown road through a wooded area. On the reverse 'With the RAF - this road leads to -?!'

St. George Church at Habbaniya
A small building with a cross on top. On the reverse 'RAF Malta ? Floriana'.

Correction kindly provided by Matthias Cantow of the Finding the location WW1 & WW2 Facebook group.

Iraqi with Watermelon
A man standing with a watermelon. Behind is a BP petrol station. On the reverse '- with the RAF -Iraq. My massive "watermelon" - purchased from this desert 'ARAB' - & flown with me back to the UK 1945'.

Airman at Aircraft Controls
An airman sitting at the pilot's seat. On the reverse 'Commanding Officer of RAF Stn Iraq 1945'.

Anne Imming
A WAAF at the controls of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Mum - at the controls -RAF Iraq'.

Anne Imming in a Gharry
A WAAF in a horse drawn carriage, in front of ruins. On the reverse 'Malta. Your mum - in a Gharry RAF Malta 1944/5 en-route from HQ Air Command, Singapore to UK.' and, in pencil 'Mum in Malta Mum RAF Malta 1944'.

Flight Officer Anne Imming and Three Airmen
The four are standing under a Lancastrian wing. On the reverse 'Orly Airport - Paris - Mum enroute from Singapore with our RAF crew to UK'.

Anne Imming on a Donkey Cart
A WAAF sitting on a donkey cart. On the reverse 'Mum - with RAF crew enroute from Singapore & Malta'.

WAAF at Tangmere Road
A WAAF standing by a street sign with 'Tangmere Road'. She is standing beside a RAF car. On the reverse 'Waiting for our aircraft to be serviced after forced landing at Malta - 1944'.
The image has been damaged.
A second image shows a man leaning…

Airman Standing Under Wing
An airman standing beside a main wheel underneath the wing of an aircraft. On the reverse 'Johnny - underneath the wing. RAF VIP Lancaster'.

A port side view of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Our VIP aircraft - Serviced & ready to fly to the UK -1944. RAF Iraq (Forced Landing)'.

Refueling an Avro York
A bowser refuelling an Avro York, 'VU-W'. On the reverse 'Refuelling at RAF Iraq - prior to flight to UK'.

Avro York
The port side of an Avro York, 'VU-W'. On top are several men. On the reverse 'Our aircraft being 'Serviced' after 'Forced Landing' RAF Iraq. 1945. En-route from RAF HQ Air Command South-East Asia. 1945'.

Valetta Harbour
A view over the harbour. On the reverse 'HQ Air Command En-route from Singapore 1945. Malta RAF (Sight seeing)'.

Four Airmen under a Lancastrian
Four airmen under the starboard side of a Lancastrian. On the reverse 'Some members of our RAF crew under the wing of our Lancaster at Orly Airport en route to UK. 1944 (Forced Landing)'.
There is a second copy with, on the reverse, 'Part of - my…

Lancastrian Tail
Two slightly different images of an airman at a door at the starboard rear of a Lancastrian, VM735'. On the reverse 'Checking Aircraft - 1944 Prior to Flight'.
On the reverse of the second 'RAF Iraq - 1944'.

Two photographs of the same area.
Photo 1 is a view across buildings. The left side is obscured by light damage. On the reverse 'RAF Malta'.
Photo 2 is to the left of photo 1 and shows a man walking along a path. On the reverse '? Iraq'.
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