Stewart, Edward Colston


Stewart, Edward Colston
E C Stewart


272 items. The collection concerns Edward Colston Stewart DFC (b. 1916, 87436 Royal Air Force) and his wife, Flight Officer Ann Marie Stewart (nee Imming, b. 1922, 5215 Royal Air Force). It contains his log books, documents, bank notes and photographs. He flew 50 operations as a pilot with 1446 Ferry Flight and 104 Squadron. After the war they served in the Far East.

Ann Marie Stewart collection
Bank notes

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Stewart, EC

Collection Items

Edward Stewart's pilot's flying log book. One
Pilots flying log book for E C Stewart, covering the period from 2 July 1940 to 25 November 1944. Detailing his flying training, instructor duties and operation flown. He was stationed at RAF Sywell, RAF Cranwell, RAF Ansty, RAF Walsgrave, RAF…

Edward Stewart's pilot's flying log book. Three
Pilot's flying log book from 7 January 1953 to 23 March 1954 detailing flights and aircraft flown. Aircraft flown were Tiger Moth, Anson and Varsity.

Naval and RAF Officers
A senior naval officer and an RAF air-vice marshall. On the reverse 'Pilot and ?? 1940's'.

Airmen Group Photo
A large group of airmen and one WAAF arranged formally in three rows. On the reverse each individual is named. The photographer's stamp reads 'Colin Ross. 7 Ickenham Road Ruislip. Middlesex'.

Women’s Auxiliary Air Force Officers' School Initial Course no 55, "A" Flight
A group of women arranged in three rows at Rutland Hall, Loughborough. Each woman is named underneath. A/S/O Imming is underlined and handwritten beside it is 'my mother'. Annotated on the front is 'My love to 55 CF Seabrook Fl/Off' and…

Squadron Group Photo
Three rows of 30 airmen, two WAAFs and a dog arranged formally in front of a Wellington.

Edward Colston Stewart DFC
A head and shoulders portrait of Edward Colston Stewart. On the front is handwritten 'To my darling Ann With all my love Teddy Come back soon' and on the reverse 'Edward Colston Stewart DFC Squadron Leader 1940's'.

Flight Lieutenant LC Pipkin's Diary
A diary kept by LC Pipkin and subtitled Bomber Command, London. It records his time after baling out of aircraft after a fighter attack. He managed to evade capture and reached Spain.

EC Stewart Service Record
Form 543 issued to Edward Stewart.

Aircraft Crash Site
An embankment covered with debris. Four men are in the background behind a temporary fence. On the reverse is 'Neg. 400' and stamped 'Royal Air Force Official Crown Copyright Reserved No AONS Date 27.8.44'.

Royal Navy Captain
A half length portrait of a naval captain. On the front is handwritten 'With tons of Love Ann dear and best wishes John'.

Flying Officer Sanderson
A pilot standing outside a brick building. He is holding a pair of gloves. Behind is a sign with 'Bluenose Beverages'. On the reverse is handwritten 'Flying Officer Sanderson'.

Flying Officer Thompson
A head and shoulders portrait of a pilot. On the reverse is handwritten 'Flying Officer Thompson - RAF killed flying accident RAF Wymeswold 1944' and stamped 'AM Crown Copyright Reserved'.

Wing Commander Burrows
A half length portrait of a pilot. On the front is handwritten 'Missing Aircraft - After Dawn Vigil - w/cdr Burrows'.

Squadron Leader CJ Lofthouse DFC OBE
A head and shoulders portrait of CJ Lofthouse. He has badges for DFC, pilot and Volunteer Reserve. On the reverse is handwritten 'S/Ldr CJ Lofthouse DFC, OBE S/L Lofthouse DFC, OBE Fairways Ave, Kingsbury, Middx'.

Pilot and Spitfire
A pilot standing by the front of his Spitfire, 'G'.

Execution of Aboudy ibn Fethy Tchawoush
Five photographs on a card with a man, his wife, their hanging and skulls and bones. The text reads '(Butcher) Aboudy ibn Fethy Tchawoush & his wife. Sentenced to death and hanged in public For Slaughtering Children and selling their meat in the…

Thatched Huts
Several thatched huts in front of palm trees. The image has been cut up and repaired.

Flight Lieutenant Reggie Bennington and crew
Five airmen in flying kit at the front of a Wellington. On the reverse 'F/Lt Reggie Bennington RAF Stn Eastmoor Yorks'.

Muriel Audrey Imming with cat
A woman standing outside a house. She is wearing a coat and holding a cat. On the reverse 'Self on leave March 10th - 16th 1943.'
A second photo has her without the cat. On the reverse 'Lon D on' [sic]

Five Airmen and a Crashed Wellington
Five airmen standing beside a crashed Wellington with 'Q' on its side.

Two pilots and an army officer
Two pilots and an army officer having a drink. On the reverse 'Just a Celebration! Another Victory Roll'.

Woman Seated on a Park Bench
A woman in a long coat with a fur collar, sitting on a park bench. On the reverse is handwritten 'Hold tight' and 'May 30th 1939 Clissold Park. London England.'

Man and Woman
A man and woman standing in front of trees and bushes.

Six Airmen
Six airmen. At least four have Canada epaulettes. On the reverse
'A Happy & Efficient Crew
Two Gunners
Wireless Operator
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