Read, Aubrey William


Read, Aubrey William
Read, A W


34 items. The collection concerns Flying Officer Aubrey Read (1920 - 1943, 627232, 50611 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, photographs and documents. He flew operations as a a wireless operator with 106 Squadron and was killed 26 November 1943.
The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by David Leitch and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.

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Read, AW

Collection Items

Greetings telegram addressed to Aubrey Read
Envelope and telegram to Aircrafstman Read, S.H.Q Signals Section R.A.F. Elsham Wolds. 'Congratulations for your 21st from Betty Jim and Joyce'.

21st birthday telegram from Aubrey's Uncle Jim, Auntie Betty and cousin Joyce.


21st birthday card
21st birthday card; from sister Nan and brother in law Alex.

Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.

Letter to Aubrey Read's mother from the Air Ministry
Covering letter for the photograph of the temporary cross marking the grave of Aubrey and the other members of his crew. Photograph of the grave. On the reverse 'Grave 9-12, Row B, Plot. Brittish [sic] Military Cemetary, Bad Tolz, Durnbach, Germany.'

Christmas card
Card is from St Martin's Y.P.G. Lincoln and is signed by the chairman and the secretary.

Letter to Aubrey Read's mother from the Imperial War Graves Commission
Covering letter for a form that the Commission would like Aubrey's mother to complete to enable them to provide an appropriate headstone for Aubrey's grave. Specimen of the headstone.

Letter to Aubrey Read from Royal Air Force Recruiting Depot
Letter instructing Aubrey to complete an enclosed form and send the documents listed on an enclosed F936. The letter concerns Aubrey's request to join the RAF as a musician.

Letter to Aubrey Read's mother from Ministry of Pensions
Letter informs his mother that due to Aubrey's death she has a pension of £52 per year. With two forms one describing how to draw the pension, the other describing how it had been calculated.

Aubrey Read’s RAF observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Flying Officer Aubrey Read’s RAF Observer’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book from 30/9/42 to 26/11/43, detailing training and operations as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner. Based at RAF Walney Island (aka RAF Barrow in Furness) (No. 10 Air…

Aubrey Read's Certificate of Discharge from the Territorial Army
Discharged from the Band of the Lincolnshire Regiment, issued when he joined the RAF.

Comrades of the Royal Air Force Association rule book
Membership card and rule book for the Sleaford district Branch issued to Aubrey when he was a member of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell Band.

Condolence letter to Aubrey Read's mother
Letter from King George VI and the Queen, offering their sympathy, together with the envelope.

21st birthday greetings to Aubrey Read
Notice published in the Lincolnshire Echo, congratulating Aubrey on his 21st birthday from his Mum and Dad.
A 21st birthday card.

Aubrey Read
Photographs of Aubrey, head and shoulders, in uniform, contact sheet format. Some in a booklet.

Letter from Air Ministry to Aubrey Read's mother
Letter is to inform his mother that Aubrey is being moved from his temporary grave to his final resting place.

Letter to Aubrey Read's mother from the Air Ministry
Letter sent in response to an enquiry about provision of a headstone for Aubrey's grave and obtaining a photograph of the grave. Letter informs his mother that the Imperial War Graves Commission provides head stones and that the British Legion have a…

Letter from Imperial War Graves Commission to Aubrey Read's mother
Letter from the Imperial War Graves Commission advising his mother that a head stone had been placed marking Aubrey's grave at the Durnbach War Cemetery and that the inscription that she had asked for had been inscribed and that if she wished to, she…

Telegram to Aubrey Read's mother
Sent from 106 Squadron advising his mother that Aubrey had not returned from an operation.

Condolence letter to Aubrey Read's mother
Letter from Officer Commanding 106 Squadron expressing his sympathy and suggesting the possibility that Aubrey had managed to bale out.

Letter to Aubrey Read's mother from the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
The letter from the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund asks if the family need any financial help after Aubrey's death.

Letter to Aubrey Read to arrange an audition
From Director of Music at the RAF College Cranwell, inviting him to arrange an audition as a clarinet player.

Letter from British Legion
Letter from British Legion to Aubrey's mother, sent with their Overseas Catalogue.

Aubrey Read's Certificate of Registry of Birth
Issued by the Lincoln Registrar.

Receipt for issue and return of Territorial Army badge
Badge was issued in Setember and surrendered in November.

Aubrey Read reference
Personal reference for Aubrey.

Aubrey Read reference
Reference is from the band master of 4th Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment Territorial Army.
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