Bower, Frank Geoffrey


Bower, Frank Geoffrey
F G Bower


39 items. The collection concerns Frank Geoffrey Bower (1575473 Royal Air Force). It contains his log book, photographs and documents as well as a photograph album of his time training in Miami, Florida. He trained as a navigator and was killed when his Wellington crashed 4 April 1943.

The collection has been licenced to the IBCC Digital Archive by David Slack and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

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Bower, FG

Collection Items

F G Bower's Stripes and Badges
F G Bower's sergeant stripes, Observer and RAF badge mounted on a small frame.

St Magdelene Church
F G Bower's church with a tower, seen through a tree.

Choir Boy
F G Bower standing outside his church. He is dressed as a choir boy.

F G Bower
A half-length portrait of F G Bower standing and wearing a suit with a carnation in the button hole.

48 Course. Navigators
14 airmen arranged in two rows. Each man has his name annotated.

F G Bower and colleague
F G Bower and his colleague are seated in front of an American flag.

Trainee Airmen Group
Three identical images of a group of trainee airmen. The 55 airmen are arranged in four rows.
On the third image is a post-it note saying 'Frank Geoffrey Bower 4th left front row'.

F G Bower
Three photographs of F G Bower.
Photo 1 is a three-quarter length image of him standing in uniform and trainee sidecap.
Photo 2 is a cropped image of photo 1.
Photo 3 is a duplicate of photo 2.

F G Bower
F G Bower in Sidcot suit and leather gauntlets. On the reverse is a handwritten memoir.

F G Bower
F G Bower in trainee's side cap, sitting on a wooden fence.

The empty mount of a photograph with 'Moncton' handwritten. Also stamped 'Panel-Art Prints May 18 1942'.

F G Bower, Choir Boys
Three choir boys with F G Bower in the middle.

No 1 EADS Eastbourne
A group of trainee airmen arranged in six rows at the main entrance of Eastbourne College. F G Bower is in the front row, third from left. On the reverse each individual is named.

Memo for Mr Bower
The memo refers to F G Bower's body which is being transported to Hucknall by train.

A telegram with the words 'Can be made RAF Upper Heyford'

Letter to Mr H A Bower
The letter refers to his son's personal effects.

Letter to Mr HA Bower
The letter informs Mr Bower that his son has been killed in an aircraft accident.

Letter to Mr H A Bower
The letter is attached to F G Bower's RAF badges and stripes.

Telegram to MR H A Bower
The telegram asks if a service funeral is required for his son. A handwritten reply states that this is not required and he is to sent to Hucknall Central.

Telegram to Mr H A Bower
The text of a telegram sent to F G Bower's father informing him that his son has lost his life in an accident.

Letter to Mr HA Bower
A letter referring to the estate of his son and how it will be dealt with.

Letter to Mr H A Bower
The letter expresses regret and sympathy on the loss of his son in a flying accident.

Letter to Mr HA Bower
The letter refers to a delay in receipt of F G Bower's financial details and certificate of death.

Letter to Mrs DH Bower
The letter asks F G Bower's mother to return her allowance book.

Telegram to Mr C A Bower
The telegram advises F G Bower's father that his coffin will be arriving at Hucknall.
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