F G Bower



F G Bower


F G Bower in Sidcot suit and leather gauntlets. On the reverse is a handwritten memoir.





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Crab who managed to get away & hide himself in the sand. Quite a lot of tar has been washed up on the beach lately & you have to be careful you do not get it on your shoe soles & carry it into your digs, otherwise you may get some black looks. There are several theories as to where the tar comes from but one idea is that it is bilge from boats on [inserted] the [/inserted] American coast which has worked across here as several miles of coast are affected. When tea was over we went for a walk along the cliffs to [indecipherable] another real good climb. Believe me it made us all pant a bit but we managed it. It was alright though going back as you had only to let your body follow your feet & you would be sure to get there. We got back well in time for Dinner. About this time a heavy mist was forming over the hills inland & spreading towards the sea. Later on a slight drizzle started to come down, not very heavy & not enough to wet you, yet just a nuisance. This persisted into the night & I think someone must have had a downpour somewhere. Anyway, on the whole Sunday was a glorious day& we thoroughly enjoyed it, & were ready for bed by 10.0pm. Monday dawned looking rather dull & grey but this did not prevent us going out. We woke at approx. 7.15am, got up, shaved & polished up & as the tide was in we sat on a seat in front of the house & watched the sea until breakfast time at 9-0am, & everybody was ready for the gong. After breakfast Reg got the car out & we went to Ilfracombe through Morthoe, [sic] which is higher than Woolacombe & we were driving through the clouds but it cleared lovely when we got to Ilfracombe. We had a nice time at Ilfracombe for about 2 hrs & had a look through the shops & Capstone Hill. The tide was in while we were there so we did not see much of the Sands. We left at about 12-10pm & again came through the clouds on the way back. We were ready for dinner too and did justice to it when it was served. The afternoon was terribly hot & I had to get in the shade. I have got a sore head owing to the [indecipherable] bright as [indecipherable] heat of a light.



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