Stone, George Bernard


Stone, George Bernard
G B Stone


14 items. The collection concerns Pilot Officer George Bernard Stone and contains an album, photographs and documents. He flew operations as an air gunner with 156 Squadron and was killed 13 August 1944.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Nigel Stone and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on George Bernard Stone is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Collection Items

George Bernard Stone Commemorative Scroll
Scroll commemorating Pilot Officer G B Stone.

Letter to Ivy Stone from the Air Ministry
The letter refers to her husband being buried at Daleiden. In time his body will be reinterred at Rheinberg Military Cemetery.

Note to Ivy Stone from the King
A note from the King expressing sympathy for her great sorrow.
There is also a newspaper cutting referring to George, his grave and his family.

Telegram to Ivy Stone from 156 Squadron
The telegram advises Ivy that her husband, George is missing. There is also a newspaper cutting stating an unidentified body was found beside seven identified airmen.

Note to Ivy Stone from the Under Secretary of State for Air
A compliments slip enclosed with photographs of the cross marking the grave of George Stone, her husband.
Also two newspaper cuttings, the first referring to the loss of George, the second refers to his promotion to Pilot Officer.

Map of Germany
An undetailed map of Germany with Reichswald Forest annotated on.

Three Groups of Airmen
Three photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is of seven airmen.
Photo 2 is of three airmen.
Photo 3 is of 15 airmen arranged in three rows.

51 Course AGS
12 airmen arranged in three rows. George Stone is back row, far right.

Airmen and Lancaster
A group of airmen arranged in four rows at the rear of a Lancaster. On the reverse 'Daddy 2nd row 11 from left 5 from right'.

Squadron and Stirling
A squadron of airmen lined up in four rows under the front of a Stirling. On the reverse '1943 Daddy back row 11 from the right'.

Letter to George Stone's Wife from the Air Ministry
The letter states that Ivy's husband has lost his life at Weiswampach in Luxembourg

Letter to George Stone's Wife from his Squadron
The letter confirms the news that Ivy Stone's husband is missing.

Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
17 photographs of the cemetery in Germany where George Stone lies.
Photo 1 is the entrance seen from afar.
Photo 2 is a close up of the entrance.
Photo 3 is the entrance with two women in the near distance..
Photo 4 is a view over the…

News of Pilot Officer George Stone
Five newspaper cuttings. The first refers to the death of George. The second is a list of names and which service they served in. Item 3 refers to George being promoted to Pilot Officer. Item 4 refers to a Remembrance Day service when a plaque was…
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