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Cole, Colin
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Colin Cole


30 items. The collection relates to Warrant Officer Colin Cole (1924 – 2015 RAF Volunteer Reserve 1605385) who served with 617 Squadron. The collection contains an oral history interview, logbook, service documents, medals, memorabilia from the Tirpitz and six photographs.




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Cole, C

Collection Items

Colin Cole's Identity Card
Colin Cole's National Registration Identity Card

Royal Air Force Certificate of Service and Release
Warrant Officer Colin Cole's release from service form. (22 December 1942 to 11 December 1946)

Colin Cole's navigator's, air bomber's, air gunner's and flight engineer's flying log book
Navigator’s, air bomber’s, air gunner’s and flight engineer’s flying log book for Warrant Officer Colin Cole from 5 August 1943 to 23 September 1946. Detailing training schedule and operations flown. Served at RAF Yatesbury, RAF Mona, RAF…

Interview with Colin Cole
Colin Cole was brought up and schooled at Twickenham, and worked for a time at W H Smith before joining the Royal Air Force. He trained as a wireless operator/air gunner at RAF Yatesbury and RAF Barrow in Furness. He then served with 617 Squadron,…

Warrant officer's cloth badge
White thread, red highlights and black text 'Dieu et mon droit'. Black background.

Signaller's brevet
Cream letters and wing, gold leaves on a blue background.

Air gunner's brevet
Brevet badge, cloth, gold leaves, cream wing and text, blue background.

617 squadron badge
Front and back of 617 squadron's badge, with the motto 'Apres Moi Le Deluge'.

Woman's Institute badge
Front and back of a Women's Institute badge with the motto 'For Home and Country'.

Air Training Corps lapel badge
Air Training Corps badge.

Sweetheart wings
Front and back of sweetheart wings pin badge. RAF is depicted in red and blue.

King's crown
King's Crown badge.

British Army WO1 badge brass
Front and back of Army brass badge.

Royal Air Force tie pin
Front and back views of a silver tie pin

1939-1945 Star ribbon
1939– 1945 Star ribbon in a presentation box

Arctic Star ribbon
Arctic Star ribbon in a presentation box.

Cufflinks and pin badges
Veteran’s cufflinks and two ‘Armed Forces Veteran’ pin badges complete with presentation box.

Buttons and buckle
Three large and four smaller brass buttons, a belt buckle and a Player's Whiskey Flake tobacco tin.

V-2 fuel pipe connector
V- 2 part labelled 'V2 fuel pipe connector'.

Battleship Tirpitz ornament
Small ornament made of rock taken from the fjord near Tromso where the Tirpitz was sunk. The rock base has a small wooden plaque, a small anchor and chain and a second rock with a black and orange shield. Captioned 'The Battleship Tirpitz'.

Tripitz memento
A small piece of rock taken from the fjord where the Tripitz was sunk. It is mounted on a wooden block.

Piece of wooden deck from the Tirpitz
Piece of wooden decking recovered from the Tirpitz.

Five medals
The five medals are 1939 – 1945 Star with Bomber Command clasp, Arctic Star, France and Germany Star, Defence medal, War Medal.

The Arctic Star
Arctic Star pin badge in a white presentation box.

Colin Cole seated at wireless on Lancaster
Colin is seated at the wireless operator's station on Lancaster 'Just Jane'.

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