Moore, Dennis


Moore, Dennis
D Moore


37 items and two albums.
The collection concerns (1923 - 2010, 1603117, 153623 Royal Air Force) and contains his log books, documents, photographs and two albums. He flew operations as a navigator with 218 and 15 Squadrons.

Album one contains photographs of his family and his training in Canada.
Album Two contains photographs of his service in the Far East.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Terrence D Moore and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Moore, D

Collection Items

Lancaster in Flight
Port side view of Lancaster, LS-W in flight. Underneath is written 15 Sqdn Lanc and RAF Mildenhall. On the reverse 'Lanc ME844 was originally "C" until 23/27 March 1945 flew in this aircraft on 5/12/1944 - see Log Book'.

Lancaster in Flight
An air-to-air port side view of Lancaster, LS-H, NG358 in flight, viewed from slightly above and to the rear.

NG358, H-Howe, XV Squadron 1945
A photograph of the seven crew lined up in front of their Lancaster. Each individual is named.
A second copy is also included with a slightly different text format.

XV Squadron Lancaster NG358
The story of a Lancaster, NG358, LS-H. There are details of 12 operations during 1944/5. Dennis details the operations and his crew.

Dennis Moore's personal flying book, Thrre
Ministry of Civil Aviation personal flying log book for D Moore, covering the period from 8 November 1946 to 10 July 1949. He flew with Silver City airways from London Heathrow and Blackbushe, with Flota Area Mercante Argentina from Beunos Aires,…

Dennis Moore flying log book. Two
Flying log book for D Moore, navigator, covering the period from 28 June 1951 to 4 June 1959. Detailing his instructor duties and navigator duties with Flying Training Command, telecommunications flying Unit and Radar Reconnaissance Flying Unit. He…

Dennis Moore's flying log book. One
Flying log book for D Moore, navigator, covering the period from 5 June 1943 to 13 June 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown, instructor duties and post war flying with 52 Squadron and civilian flying with Silver City Airlines. He…

Dennis Moore Autobiography
Dennis Moore's autobiography, compiled and edited by his son, Terry Moore.

Dennis Moore's Operational Record
A list of the 33 operations undertaken by Dennis from 17 September 1944 to 15 April 1945. Each operation has a small description of the task.

15 Squadron Battle Order 9th April 1945
A document with the battle order for the squadron. It lists each aircraft and each crew member for operations that night. Annotated on it is 'Taken from the Sergeant's Mess kitchen copy which was used to mark off the "Egg and Bacon" meals. The…

Aircraft Serial Numbers
A title sheet for a list of aircraft serial numbers, 218 and 15 squadrons. The serial numbers are missing.

List of Squadron Losses
Two lists of squadron losses..

Before and After Note
A note referring to before and after photographs of an operation on 2 March 1945. The photographs are on display in the corridor of offices next to 'Bomber' Harris' office at Strike Command headquarters.

Six airmen including Dennis Moore
The six men are sitting on the front of their Lancaster. The pilot is in his seat leaning out of the cockpit window.

Six Airmen including Dennis Moore
The six airmen are sitting on the port inner engine of their Lancaster.
On the reverse -
'Left to Right
Jimmy Bourke - Mid upper
Self - Navigator
Fred Shepherd -Bomb-aimer (Note new brevet)
'Mac' MacFarlane - Skipper'
Nobby Clarke - Rear…

Lancaster in Flight
Aerial view of Lancaster 'LS-W' seen from the port side and slightly above.
On the reverse 'Lanc ME844 15 Sqdn Mildenhall
80 ops as 'C' until 23/3/45 then 'W'
Flew in this a/c as 'C' on 5/12/44 as 'Master Bomber' SCHWAMMENUAL DAM
Daylight T/O…

Six Airmen including Dennis Moore
Dennis and five of his crew arm in arm in front of their Lancaster.

Mine Release photo on H2S
An image taken on H2S as a mine is released. The caption reads '73/1. MDH 13/14.12.44//10000' 338° 10/10 H.1847. Kattagat. The Kullen. 065° 10/15 mls Shepherd K.15'
On the reverse 'Mine release photo on H2S taken by me 14/12/44
"Arrows" are on…

Five Airmen Relaxing
One airman lying on the grass in front of a Lancaster. Four airmen standing beside him. Parachutes and kit are on the grass.

Dennis Moore's Decorations
Four medals - The 1939-1945 War Star with Bomber Command Clasp, The France and Germany Star, The Defence Medal,The War Medal 1939-1945.
Box opened plus the letter awarding Dennis the medals.

Unofficial Bomber Command Medal
Commemorative Bomber Command Medal number 5854.

North Bay Railway Station, Pavilion Winnipeg and Terry the dog
Two postcards and one photograph from an album.
Postcard 1 is North Bay railway station, Ontario.
Postcard 2 is the Pavilion at Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg.
Item 3 is a photo of a dog's head, captioned
'Terry Shediac. NB'.

George Arthur King
Four newspaper cuttings about George King.
George King was Dennis Moore's scoutmaster
Cutting 1 is an obituary.
Cutting 2 is a letter from a reader.
Cutting 3 refers to George's funeral.
Cutting 4 is two reader's letters .

Dennis Moore's Crew and Accommodation
Five photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is inside a Nissen hut, captioned 'Officer's quarters, Wigtown'.
Photo 2 is an airman at the door to his accommodation, captioned 'Fred -Bomb Aimer'.
Photo 3 is a billet with pin-ups, captioned 'Methwold…
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