Nevill, Edward


Nevill, Edward
Edward Greville Nevill
E G Nevill


Nine items. Collection concerns Sergeant Edward Nevill DFM and includes correspondence and newspaper reports about the award of Edward Nevill's Distinguished Flying Medal.

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Nevill, EG

Collection Items

Edward Nevill's decorations
A frame containing Edward's five medals, a head and shoulders portrait and a newspaper cutting about his award of a DFM.
Decorations are: Distinguished Flying Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Defence Medal and War Medal 1939-1945.

Luftwaffe Record Sheet
Summarising the activities of the different aircraft groups.

Sgt Edward Nevill's DFM newspaper reports
Six newspaper cuttings referring to the award of a DFM to Edward Nevill and giving details of the conduct which led to the three crew being awarded medals.

Telegram to Edward Nevill
A telegram sent to Edward Nevill from Bomber Command Headquarters congratulating him on receiving a DFM.

Letter awarding DFM to Edward Nevill
A letter from Air Marshall, Bomber Command HQ to Edward Nevill, Robert Batt and Allan Spencer awarding them DFC and DFMs .

Giverny Memorial
A memorial plaque, with a propeller blade and stone supports and a gravestone for the seven airmen who died when their Lancaster crashed at Giverny. A handwritten note says 'Qiverny (Giverny) Northern France'.

Four Bomber Command Intelligence Reports
All marked 'Secret'. They are dated 6th June and give situation reports about the Allied lines and enemy ground, air and rail activity.

A Sergeants' Mess Xmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner Menu, Iwakuni, Japan 1947. The menu is signed by many of the participants.

Two road maps of Northern France
Two small scale maps of Northern France with some locations highlighted. A note accompanying the maps comments 'This map includes some of the towns which are mentioned in Ted Nevills notes on his RAF bombing raids'.
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