Say, Frederick Donovan


Say, Frederick Donovan
F D Say


17 items. An oral history interview with Frederick Say DFC (1921 -2017, 752638 Royal Air Force), photographs, charts and documents. He flew operations with 466, 196 and 514 Squadrons.
The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Frederick Say and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Say, FD

Collection Items

Industrial plant
Oblique aerial photograph of a vast expanse of land. An industrial plant surrounded by storage tanks can be seen in the middle, branch line bottom right.

Squadron in front of a Wellington
A large group of airmen arranged in four rows in front of a Wellington.

Parade to War Graves
A parade of civilians and officers flanked at the side by soldiers. On the reverse is 'Parade to Wargraves'.

Fred Say and two airmen
Three airmen, including Fred Say, leaning against an Anson.

Fred Say
Half portrait of Fred Say in blazer with his seven medals. Behind is a painting of two Lancasters over a snowy landscape.

Fred Say Biography
A summary of Fred Say's RAF training, operational flying and post war employment.

Letter from Arthur Harris referring to Gallantry Awards
The letter refers to a previous letter and recommendations for Non-Immediate Awards.

City of Lens Chart
A chart used for bombing of the centre of Lens. Magnetic bearings are plotted on the outside and range circles from the centre are overprinted. It is centered on the marshalling yards. All the detail is grey or black but the canals, ponds and lakes…

Cherbourg Chart
A 1:250000 chart of the Cherbourg area with a route plotted on.

Fred Say Scrapbook
Photo 1 is ten airmen arranged in three rows, captioned 'Pilot's Course - RCAF Calgary W. Canada'.
Photo 2 is a head and shoulders portrait of Fed captioned 'Escape Photo FDS 1941'.
Photo 3 is a group of nine men in uniform captioned 'Navigation…

Fred Say Scrapbook
Photo 1 is five uniformed men at the tail of a Wellington, HE411, captioned 'First Operational Crew'. Photo 2 is Fred Say's wedding day. A group of eight captioned 'Jan 9th 1945 Joan Fred FDS Fred Gladys Aunt [indecipherable] Hancock Betty Sen'r…

Warrant Officer Fred Say DFC
A letter from the KIng awarding Fred a DFC and a note from Arthur Harris describing why he received the award.

Fred Say Scrapbook
Photo 1 is a building captioned 'Banff Springs Hotel'.
Photo 2 is a mountainside.
Photo 3 is a house with a mountain behind and is captioned 'Banff Main St'.
Photo 4 is two men in a swimming pool captioned 'Hotel Hot Pool (Volcano…

Sarnia oil refinery and St Clair River
Two low angle oblique aerial photographs of Sarnia oil refinery on the St Clair River. Photograph 1 is mostly storage tanks; photograph 2 is of tanks and production facilities.

Identification kindly provided by Richard Evans of the Finding the…

Service and Release Book
RAF Form 2520A for Fred Say

Operational Data Sheet
Calculations for an operation prepared by a bomb aimer

Interview with Frederick Donovan Say
Frederick Say went to Tottenham County High School and when he left school he went to study agriculture. He joined the RAF and was posted to RAF Tangmere and worked in the Operations Room as a clerk and was promoted to Leading Aircraftsman Special…
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