Joining documentation



Joining documentation


State pay as under training armourer of two shillings a day and detail joining instructions.




Two printed documents


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Aircrafthand. Group 5 u/t. (untrained)
[underlined] Armourer [/underlined]
2/- a day until completion of training.
[page break]
[underlined] [indecipherable word] RETAIN THIS PART AND FOLLOW ITS INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY [/underlined]
A. Delete the name of any of the above-stated three cards which you do not enclose.
B. You must arrange immediately for these to be sent to your Approved Society; each card so sent must have your Number, Rank and Name, the address of this unit (shown at the foot of this sheet), and the date of your arrival here clearly written on it in ink.
C. If you have lost any of the above three cards, advise your society accordingly and give them the particulars just detailed.
D. If you are not insured for Health and/or Pensions, or are a Voluntary Contributor to either of these, endorse your Form N.S.124 appropriately and report as soon as possible to Room 4S on the top floor of this building.
E. No cards other than these three mentioned are to be enclosed in the envelope, Form N.S.124: you will be told subsequently what to do with any other cards you have in your possession.
N.B. Postal address of this Unit is: Royal Air Force, “Brighton Hydro” Rawcliffe Street, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancs.


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