Southern California



Southern California


Photograph 1 is a motorway, captioned 'Cahuenga Boulevard'.
Photograph 2 is a wooden building, captioned 'Typical Barracks at the Sixth Ferrying Group. Men assigned to the field are quartered in theses two-story structures.'
Photograph 3 is of three civilians and two officers, captioned 'Colonel K.C.McGregor with on the right, Nigel Bruce, Sir Norman and Sir Aubrey. The other gentleman is I believe the British Consul.'
Photograph 4 is of a civilian and several airmen, captioned 'Nigel Bruce cracks a joke with the boys.'
Photograph 5 is of a group of airmen and ground crew standing in front of the rear of a Lancaster 'TL-B', SW313. It is captioned ' Beauty and the Beasts? Film actress Merle Oberon with a circle of admirers which includes:- Shorty Harris, Tim Lamb, Mike Beetham, Pincher Martin and Wing Cdr 'Don' Lee.'
Photograph 6 is of airmen and airwomen seated round a table full of beer bottles. It is captioned ' The enlisted men's club showing some of their reasons for enlisting'.



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Six b/w photographs from a scapbook


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