The Royal Air Force at Mitchel Field



The Royal Air Force at Mitchel Field


Item 1 is orders for personnel at Mitchel Field. Photograph 1 is a line up of airmen in front of two Lancasters. Photograph 2 is an officer addressing the assembled airmen, in front of a guard of United States Army Air Forces airmen. It is captioned 'Air Chief Marshall Sir Guy Garrod is seen at the "mike"'. Photograph 3 is a line of Lancasters and is captioned 'The "line up" on the Tarmac after our arrival, with crews out front'. Photograph 4 is a line of officers with civilians behind and a sign with Welcome RAF printed. It is captioned 'G/C Collard, W/C Craig, A/Gen Stratemeyer and Colonel Parker. Photograph 5 is a general view of airmen at a party. It is captioned 'The Cocktail Party in the Officers Club on the first evening.' Photograph 6 is four airmen at the party captioned 'A bunch of regular guys'.



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One printed sheet and six b/w photographs on a scrapbook page


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