Airmen in the Middle East



Airmen in the Middle East


Top left - nine airmen wearing battledress, laying or sitting in front of a building with one open and one closed window. Captioned 'Some of the boys'. Top right - nine airmen wearing battledress sitting in two rows in front of an open window in a building. Captioned 'The "boys" again'. Bottom left - six airmen wearing battledress three squatting and three standing in front of a building with open window. Captioned '32 Squadron MT. section, "Jock" Begg, Ken Tice, Myself. "Geordie" Ridley, Ken Bell, Fred Claydon'. Bottom right - William Coulton wearing battledress standing by the wall of a building with another building in the background. Captioned 'My last in uniform'. Four photographs are missing, two have captions '"Geordie & Arthur' and 'The man again'.




Four b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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