Charles Godfrey's operations notes



Charles Godfrey's operations notes


Lists of crew and positions with some extra notes. First operation as crew 6 May 1944. Night operations May and June. July targets included Kiel, Stuttgart, Hamburg. Mentions crews missing. Daylight operationd to Trossy St Maximin and provides some description of operation. Mentions aircraft shot down and own aircraft hit by anti aircraft fire. Describes jumping last and landing in tree and escaping. Also evasion activities including sunbathing alongside railway when it was attacked by a P-47 Thunderbolt.




Three page handwritten document


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RAF Lossiemouth S/L Ian Willoughby Bazalgette
33 [indecipherable text] DFC
Flight Commander
Deputy RAM Palmer
Left [indecipherable text] April 1944
F/O Scot Goddard Nav F/O [indecipherable text] Hibberd Bomb Aimer
37 on [indecipherable text] Church F/O Godfrey
F/O Cameron DFM ex F/Sgt Middleton’s VC rear Gunner
Joined at PFF Navigation Training met by
Sgt George Turner then on Sqdn by F/Lt Colonel Hewnell mid upper
6/5/4 first op as nav
During May 5 and June 7 night ops
In July Daylight and night ops 12
ND950’ ‘M’ Mother
Last week in July
23 Kiel
24 Shaltgent
25 Shaltgent
Pinch [indecipherable text] and Molinbihe
28 Hamburg
4 August 1944 Should have gone on leave
F/L Henson missing – Oxford to York
One crew required Sg volunteered – got one
more in before leave
Daylight to [indecipherable text]
Took T for Tommy mislead of M mother
Crew conference at dispersal - decided
to go in at 6000 feet main force up
at 12000 feet.
[page break]
F/Lt Beocridge (DMB) shot down by
flack going into target
Nearing target hears Ack-Ack
Shell penetrated starboard wing both
engines spluttered to standstill
Bomb aimer wounded
[page break]
Godfrey last to leave aircraft
G Goddard put a foot on him and out
he went. Landed in tree.
I landed in cornfield – stripped
[indecipherable text] hid parachute under corn
[indecipherable text] Lay under hedge – rather shocked
Lancaster hit deck two fields ahead
exploded on landing down.
Village of Senartes Maire of village
helped us – in [indecipherable text] with us a few
minutes of landing. Lay in potato
bed all afternoon while Germans
searched for survivors – waited till
darkness into house for meal. Slept at
gendarmes house - [indecipherable text] … … moved by horse and
cart to Foron near Chappelle aux Pots
No English – laying sunbathing alongside
Railway line – Thunderbolts beat up train
SS troops moved back. Moved to
forest for 10 days – [indecipherable text] to lay on
food from 3 farms. Heavy rain


C R Godfrey, “Charles Godfrey's operations notes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 14, 2024,

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