Godfrey, Charles Randall


Godfrey, Charles Randall


64 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Charles Randall Godfrey DFC (b. 1921, 146099, Royal Air Force) and consists of his logbook and operational notes, items of memorabilia, association memberships, personnel documentation, medals and photographs. He completed 37 operations with 37 Squadron in North Africa and the Mediterranean and 59 operations with 635 Squadron. He flew as a wireless operator in the crew of Squadron Leader Ian Willoughby Bazalgette VC.

The collection has has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by David Charles Godfrey and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Godfrey, CR

Collection Items

Medal case with caterpillar badge
An empty medal case with caterpillar badge

Charles Godfrey's dog tags
Both sides of dog tags for '146099 Offr C E, Godfrey'.

Piece of perspex
A piece of perspex

Wallet with escape and evasion Warning document inside
Brown card wallet/photo holder with folded document IS9 inside, outside of wallet with impressed wording and close up of wording '[...] Promenade, Blackpool'.

Escape and evasion warning against giving information document
Fragments of document Intelligence School 9 entitled ‘Warning against giving Information about your escape or how you evaded capture’ Gives rules about safeguarding information. Signed by F/O CR Godfrey 146099 635 Squadron. Dated 2 September…

Pathfinder like hat pin
Gold coloured pathfinder like badge mounted on a long pin

Pathfinder badge
Metal gold coloured Pathfinder badge

Charles Godfrey's medal ribbons
Ribbons for War medal 1939/45, Defence Medal, France and Germany Star, Italy Star and 1939/45 Star.

Charles Godfrey's decorations
Medals left to right; Distinguished Flying Cross with Pathfinder badge, 1939/45 Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War medal 1939/45 and Malta George Cross June 1940-Sept.1943.

Charles Godfrey miniature decorations
Miniature medals left to right; Distinguished Flying Cross with Pathfinder badge, 1939/45 Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal and War medal 1939/45

Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon and note on Pathfinder badge
On the left a Distinguished Flying Cross ribbon. On the right a blue card with note on where to wear Pathfinder badge.

Royal Air Force badge
Metal Royal Air Force badge with moto

Parcel addressed to Flight Lieutenant Charles R Godfrey
Brown paper parcel with damage at right top. Stick on label with registration No 6735. Addressed to Flight Lieutenant Charles R Godfrey, 16 Northaw Road West. [....] Potters Bar. Middlesex, Registered stamp on bottom left. Franked above with '48'…

Royal Air Force brass buttons
Two brass buttons one large one small.

Air signallers brevet
Half brevet with 'S' surrounded by wreath

Flight Lieutenant epaulettes
A pair of Flight Lieutenant great coat epaulettes with brass buttons

Memorial police force death certificates
Two certificates for Constables Charles Edwrad Godfrey and William Stanley Gatehouse both killed in the line of duty on 12 April 1924 and 17 July 1925 respectively.

Woman in uniform
Head and shoulders portrait of a woman in uniform. At top left an inscription 'To Ken with love from Joan'. On the reverse a shopping list, a list of names and a name and address.

Mum and dad's' wedding
A man in a pin striped suit is standing with his arm round a woman in suit and skirt with flowered hat. In the background left an ornate wooden chair behind which is a curtain. On the reverse 'Mum and Dad's wedding'.

Charles Godfrey baptism certificate
Ornate certificate with religious pictures and sayings around border including a note to sponsors. Made out to Charles Randall Godfrey baptised 16 October 1921.

Charles Godfrey's Caterpillar Club membership card
Card with Irving Caterpillar Club certificate of membership for Flying Officer C R Godfrey signed by hon sec European division.

Charles Godfrey on a motorbike
An airman wearing battledress with sergeants stripes and side cap sitting astride a Sunbeam motorbike with registration VP6842. In the background parkland with trees.

Charles Godfrey sitting on a fence
Officer wearing tunic with aircrew half brevet and peaked cap sitting on a fence. In the background open countryside.

Charles Godfrey standing in front of house
Full length image of an officer wearing tunic with aircrew half brevet and side cap standing in front of a hedge. In the background on the left a house.

Charles Godfrey and an airman standing on a pathway
Two airmen wearing battledress with aircrew half brevet and side caps standing on a pathway. To the right a wire fence and in the background open ground with some trees.
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