Flying schedule 4 April 1944



Flying schedule 4 April 1944


Lists night flying training on 4 April 1944 mostly H2S sorties. Followed by day training flying on 5 April 1944 mostly oxygen checks and high level bombing as well as an H2S dual. Also includes some ground training which includes one crew clay pigeon shooting.




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[Underlined] NO.44(RHODESIA)SQUADRON. DATE 4TH APRIL, 1944. [/underlined]

[Underlined] NIGHT FLYING – 4.4.44. [/underlined]

[Underlined] P/O. LEVY & CREW. [/underlined] H.2.S. – “B”.

[Underlined] P/O. DAVEY & CREW. [/underlined] H.2.S. – Ex.54. “L”.

[Underlined] F/S. BINION &CREW. [/underlined] H.2.S. – Ex.54. “E”.

[Underlined] P/O. PRICE & CREW. [/underlined] CHECK [indecipherable] “F”.

[Underlined] F/S. YOUNG & CREW. [/underlined] H.2.S. Cross Country. Solo. “Z”.

[Underlined] TRAINING PROGRAMME – 5.4.44. [/underlined]

[Large cross through this training schedule]

[Underlined] S/LDR. HUNTER & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130 hrs. Oxygen Check.

[Underlined] F/LT. DOREHILL & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130 hrs. Oxygen Check.
13.30-1630hrs. H.L.B. & B/A.

[Underlined] P/O. LEVY & CREW [/underlined] 0945-1130 hrs. Oxygen Check.
1330-1630hrs. H.L.B. & S.B.A.

[Underlined] P/O. STRATIS & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130hrs. Oxygen Check. Day Off.

[Underlined] P/O. DAVEY & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130 hrs. Oxygen Check. Int.
1330-1630hrs. H.L.B. & SBA.

[Underlined] F/S. BINION & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130hrs. Oxygen Check. Int.
1330-1630hrs. H.L.B. & S.B.A.

[Underlined] F/S. AIKEN & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130hrs. Oxygen Check.
1330-1630hrs. H.L.B.

[Underlined] F/O. MERRICK & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130hrs. F/A. “J”. 1130hrs.Dinghy Drill.
1400hrs. Int.Lecture.

[Underlined] P/O.TAYLOR & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1130hrs. H.2.S. dual. “K”. 1400 Int.Lecture.

[Underlined] S/L.COCKBAIN & CREW. [/underlined] 11.00hrs. To Sections

[Underlined] P/O. MANNING & CREW. [/underlined] 0945hrs. Crew to Sections.
1300-1500hrs. HIB & Fishpond. “Q”. If weather u/s. A/C. drills “Q”.

[Underlined] F/O. BRADBURN & CREW. [/underlined] 0945-1100hrs. HIB & Fishpond.Ex.53.”V”. If weather u/s, Clean “V”. 1100-1300 Crew to Sections on landing. 1400-1500hrs. Clay pigeon shooting.

[Underlined] F/O. STEPHENSON & CREW. [/underlined] Day off operations permitting.

[Underlined] P/O. CHATTERTON & CREW. [/underlined] 0945hrs. Crew checks in “F”. 1400hrs. Clay pigeon shooting.

[Underlined] F/S. YOUNG & CREW. [/underlined] 0945hrs. Crew drills. “T”. 1300hrs. HIB.A/S.Firing “P”.

[Underlined] F/S. KEWLEY & CREW. [/underlined] 1100hrs. H2S. solo X-country. “S”. 1400hrs. Crew drill.

[Underlined] F/S. PRICE & CREW. [/underlined] 0945hrs. Intelligence. 1300hrs. HIB. Gee Homing. “X”.
& Fishpond.


Flight Lieutenant,

for Wing Commander,


[Underlined] No.44(Rhodesia)Squadron. [/underlined]


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