Bomb aimers briefing 20 March 1945 - Bohlen synthetic oil



Bomb aimers briefing 20 March 1945 - Bohlen synthetic oil


H-hour stated as '0345'. Shows two bomb loads for seven and nine aircraft respectively. Details preselection, distributor, false height and other weapon settings. Weight calculations in the top margin and three aircraft are annotated with 'X'. On the reverse 'Synthetic oil', marking and tactics details including Mosquito, Wanganui and master bomber. Goes on with bombing details, camera settings and other information and instructions.



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Two page form document mostly filled in


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[Underlined] NO. 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [/underlined]

[Underlined] AIR BOMBERS BRIEFING. [/underlined]

Date 20.3.45 Target BOHLEN. “H” HOUR 0345

Petrol 2000GALLS

[Tables of bomb loads and preselection Load A]

[[Tables of bomb loads and preselection Load B]

[Table of aircraft heights]

220 of 5 Grp.

100 a/c on

[Page break]


[Underlined] MARKING AND TACTICS. [/underlined] H-11 P.B. Markers on [deleted] 7. point [/deleted] Δ -9 -7 -4 flares. Mosq. will mark Δ point with R.T.I.s assessed and backed up with further RFOs and possibly Yellow.

If Mosq. are unable to mark Δ they will back up [underlined] G.T.I.s. [/underlined]

If visual marking is impracticable blind markers will drop Wanganui flares [underlined] Green with Red stars [/underlined] for period of T.O.T. (in pairs).

1.) Aim at R.T.I. or as directed by Master Bomber.

2 Aim at R & G .T.I.s direct.

3.) Sky, Sky, Sky. Aim at concentration of Wanganui flares. Zero W/Speed. Heading 090(T) R.A.S. 160M.P.H.

(H-9 Yellow T.I. for marking force only.) Cascading 7000’

[Underlined] BOMBING. [/underlined]

Height Band 11 to 12500 Min. Bombing Height 8000’

T.O.T. H to H+4 Max T.O.T. +10.

[Deleted] Track/Sector [/deleted] HDG. 090° Wang Orbit Port.

[Underlined] CAMERA [/underlined]

Photo-Flash .6 Time 22 secs.

100% of Compo. Film.

Clear Camera in Flight/[deleted] Dispersal [/deleted].

[Underlined] NAVIGATION. [/underlined]

[Underlined] Loran. H2S. None [/underlined]

[Underlined] GENERAL. [/underlined]

[Underlined] Accuracy in Settings [/underlined]


[Symbol] H-3 Flares and R & G. T.I.s dropped by 100 Grp

55 Base A/C to aim at centre of T.I.s.




Below 5000’ to 6E. Climb to 12000’ to “D”. Descend to 6000’ to “E” – climb to Δ.

Δ Lose height to 1500 to 3000’ above ground to 9°E. Cross line above 80 [obscured] descend to [obscured]


“Bomb aimers briefing 20 March 1945 - Bohlen synthetic oil,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 21, 2024,

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