Bomb aimers briefing 29 December 1944 - Bastogne



Bomb aimers briefing 29 December 1944 - Bastogne


Shows three bomb loads, the first two are 1500 and 1850 parachute mines but these are crossed through. The third load is 11 x 1000 pound and 4 x500 poned medium capacity with 50% instantaneous and 50% TD 025. Includes preselection and distributor settings as well as heights and false height settings, window, timings and other details. On the reverse note to warn crews that allied troops are at Bastogne four and a half miles SSW of target, Objective to destroy enemy troops. Includes marking tactics and bombing instructions. Warns crews not to drop unless 'positive in the extreme' that they identify red Target indicators not spoofs. If not aircraft are to return with bombs. Notes on anti fighter Window.



Temporal Coverage

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Two sided form document partially filled in on front and handwritten on reverse.


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29 – 12 – 44

[Table of Bomb Loads)

[Table of Bombing Instructions]

[Preselection Table]

[Aircraft Height Table]

Nav 2030
Capt. 2200
Main 2230

[Page Break]

Warn crews allied troops are at BASTOGNE – 4 ½ miles SSW of △.
G Co –ords 4mls short of △ – put on Master Bomb Switch then & off again at Poan. D,

Bombs are not to be dropped unless crew are positive in extreme that RED TI’s are identified as Red TI’s and not spoof flares.

To destroy enemy troops & Supplies in and around △
[underlined] markup [/underlined] A/PT Red TI cascading 5000’ H-5 to H+2
NB. Careful runs – centre at TI’s If in slightest doubt as to whether Red TI is absolutely clear bomb are to be brought back.
Bombs are not to be aimed at glow of Red TI’s through cloud
Troops may be nearer than 4 ½ miles.
May be low status. If there is a flare it must be next to a cascading TI.

[underlined] Window [/underlined] Anti –fighter to be dropped at rate D, from 0500E° through to △ to Prsa .E. homewards.

[underlined] WS &D [/underlined] H-10


“Bomb aimers briefing 29 December 1944 - Bastogne,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 19, 2022,

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