Bomb aimers briefing 2 January 1945 - Karlsruhe



Bomb aimers briefing 2 January 1945 - Karlsruhe


Indicates two bomb loads for the operation, one for nine aircraft the other for nine as well. Includes H-hour, preselection and distributor settings and other notes. Annotated with weight calculations. On the reverse: objective; 'To burn and destroy an enemy industrial centre.' Includes marking and tactics, including Mosquito markers, bombing details, Window, camera settings and other notes about numbers of aircraft and other targets (Wiesbaden and Essen).



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[Underlined] NO. 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [/underlined]

[Underlined] AIR BOMBERS BRIEFING. [/underlined]

Date 2.1.45 Target KARLSRUHE “H” HOUR 2215

Petrol 1700

E.T.R. 0100

[Tables of bomb loads and preselection Load A]

[Tables of bomb loads and preselection Load B]

[Table of aircraft heights] NONE.

[Underlined] BOMBING W/V. [/underlined]

Windfinders to [deleted] Control/ [/deleted] Group H-5

Bombsight levelled to 59,000 lbs.

[Page break]

To burn & destroy an enemy industrial centre. Marking point is 250x 090° from Eastern end of longest centre dock of 3 pronged dock system West of town.

[Underlined] MARKING AND TACTICS. [/underlined] H-11 Primary Green T.I.s (Blind) on centre of town.

H-9, -7, -4 Flares (Target)

As soon as possible after H-9 Mosquitoes will try to mark Marking Point with Red T.I.s. These will be assessed, if accurate backed up with Reds. If Marking Point cannot be marked controller will order Mosquitoes to back up Greens with Red. If however Green are inaccurate Mosquitoes will try to mark a built-up area with Red T.I. If cloud obscures target controller will broadcast “Sky, Sky, Sky” and markers will drop floating Green T.I.s cascading at 8000’ throughout the period of T.O.T.

[Underlined] BOMBING. [/underlined]

Height Band [deleted] 19-20000’ [/deleted] 16-17000’ [Underlined] Min. Bombing Height [/underlined] 10,000’

T.O.T H+6 +8 Max T.O.T. H+10

Bombing Track/ [deleted] Sector [/deleted] Supporting Run 099(T) Orbit PORT.

Overshoot 1 14 + BASIC.

Basic Delay (Low T.V. Bombs) Load “A” 7 or 9 Load “B” 7 or 9

[Boxed] I) Attack Red T.I. as planned.
(II) Attack Red & Green direct.
(III) Attack Reds direct
(IV) Attack Greens direct. [/boxed]

[Table of Window]

[Underlined] CAMERA. [/underlined]

Photo-Flash .6 Height.
100% Compo. Film.
Clear Camera in Flight/ [deleted] Dispersal. [/underlined]

[Boxed] 4000’ to 5E
5e climb to B. height
Δ Lose height to 1000-3000’ above ground [/boxed]

450 Lancs. Weisbaden; 300 Hals. Essen.

We are supporting so fly over Δ turn to port skirt defences and come in on bombing run between H+ 8 H+ then aim centre bomb of stick at Red T.I.s delaying 14 secs on track given.


“Bomb aimers briefing 2 January 1945 - Karlsruhe,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024,

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