Operations order 12 June 1941



Operations order 12 June 1941


Lists 17 crews of four with aircraft for bombing and four crews for gardening which are crossed through in red. All bombing crews have a time slot appended with the length in brackets.



Temporal Coverage



One-page typewritten document


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[underlined] No. 44 Squadron. [/underlined]
[underlined] Operational Crews [/underlined]
[underlined] 12th June, 1941. [/underlined]

22.45 – 05.25 (6.40).
[underlined] AD. 767. G [/underlined]

P.O. Baker. (Tea)
Sgt. Musgrave.
Sgt. Gregory.
Sgt. Snuggs.

22.50 –
[underlined] P. 4310. C. [/underlined]

Sgt. Mercer. (Tea)
Sgt. Main.
Sgt. Kossick.
Sgt. Park.

22.55 – 05.10 (6.15)
[underlined] AD. 930. L. [/underlined]

F/Lt. Woodhead. (Tea)
P.O. Wood.
Sgt. Williams. 1.
Sgt. Flint.

22.55 – 04.25 (5.30)
[underlined] AD.920. H. [/underlined] Camera.

F.O. Ridpath. DFC.
Sgt. Lee.
Sgt. Oliver.
Sgt. Dyer.

23.00 – 03.10 (4.10)
[underlined] P. 4373. W. [/underlined] Camera.

Sgt. Hall.
Sgt. Johnson.
Sgt. Williams. 2.
Sgt. Gorrie.

22.50 – 04.45 (5.55)
[underlined] X. 3149. B. [/underlined]

S/Ldr. Smales. DFC. (Tea)
Sgt. Lodge. DFM.
Sgt. Bain.
Sgt. Ball.

22.50 – 05.35 (6.45)
[underlined] AD. 869. U. [/underlined]

F.O. Robertson.
P.O. Budd.
Sgt. Tagg.
Sgt. Walker.

23.30 – 05.45 (6.15).
[underlined] AE. 128. M. [/underlined]

P.O. Bell.
Sgt. Beeston.
Sgt. Cook.
Sgt. Lock.

22.50 – 04.25 (5.35)
[underlined] P. 4285. V. [/underlined]

Sgt. Jessop.
Sgt. Fryer.
Sgt. Dacey.
Sgt. Cox.

22.55 – 03.55 (5.00)
[underlined] AD. 726. Y. [/underlined]

Sgt. Anderson. (Nickels)
Sgt. McBarrett.
Sgt. Leysham.
Sgt. Bull.

23.00 – 04.15 (5.15)
[underlined] P. 4406. X. [/underlined] Camera.

Sgt. Dart.
Sgt. Dobbs.
Sgt. Morley.
Sgt. Lynnch.

23.00 – 05.00 (6.00)
[underlined] AD. 913. K. [/underlined]

P.O. Trickett.
P.O. Campbell.
Sgt. MacGregor.
Sgt. Beale.

23.00 – 05.25 (6.25)
[underlined] AD. 962. A. [/underlined]

F/Lt. Burton-Gyles. DFC. (Nickels)
Sgt. Armstrong.
Sgt. Thomas.
Sgt. Littlewood.

23.00 – 05.00 (6.00).
[underlined] AD. 915. T. [/underlined]

F/Lt. Dugdale.
P.O. Taylor.
Sgt. Moon.
Sgt. Forsythe.

23.05 – 05.20 (6.15)
[underlined] X. 3150. F. [/underlined]

F.O. Clayton, DFM. (Nickels)
Sgt. Winchester.
Sgt. Smith.
Sgt. Shipton.

23.00 –
[underlined] AE. 127. O. [/underlined]

F/Lt. Shaughnessy. DFC. (Nickels)
Sgt. Wardrop.
Sgt. Townend.
Sgt. Hughff.

[underlined] AD. 975. J. [/underlined] Camera.

Sgt. Tyler.
Sgt. Greig.
Sgt. Betts.
Sgt. Beattie.
23.05 – 05.20 (6.15)


[deleted] [underlined] AD. 904. N. [/underlined]

Sgt. Robinson.
Sgt. Unwin.
Sgt. Turner.
Sgt. Semple.

[underlined] AD. 747. R. [/underlined]

P.O. Maudsley
Sgt. Edmondson.
Sgt. Wayland.
Sgt. Leggett.

[underlined] AD. 840. Z. [/underlined]

Sgt. Wilson.
Sgt. Soutar.
F/Sgt. Lytle.
Sgt. MacKenzie. H.

[underlined] AE. 129. CR. [/underlined]

Sgt. Saunders.
Sgt. Miller.
Sgt. Saville.
Sgt. Dickson. [/deleted]


3453 dated 12/6

Officer i/c Night Flying :- Sqn. Ldr. Collier. DFC.
A. C. P. :- P.O. Salazar.
Duty Electrician :- AC. Ullyett.
Duty Signaller :- 207 Squadron.
Duty Floodlight Optr. :- 207 Squadron.
Duty Rations :- AC1. Gumprich.
Briefing :- 18.00 hours.
Order of take off :- As per programme.
Reserve aircraft :- AD. 968.

Flying Officer
for Wing Commander


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 12 June 1941,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 24, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7214.

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