Bomb aimers briefing - Paris marshalling yards



Bomb aimers briefing - Paris marshalling yards


Shows single bomb load for squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window, zero hour and effort level. Describes method including target marking by Pathfinder Mosquito. On the reverse the route and notes.



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X.V.Y. LAY DELAY. 18-4-44
[Table of Bomb Loads)

[inserted] PARIS MARSHALLING YARDS [/inserted]

[Table of Bombing Instructions]

[Preselection Table]

[Aircraft Height Table]

[inserted] Flash 9000’ [indecipherable] – 11.000’ Heading 010° – 030°. [[/inserted]

[inserted] Z+10. [/inserted]

Method:- Mosq. of PFF will drop proximity markers green T1 around the aiming points at Z-4. 19 A/C of 617 will then illuminate target with flares. The A Points (N & S) [inserted 50% - 50%) will then be marked by red spat fires & when assessed as accurate will be backed up with further red spot fires. When backing up & complete W/C Cheshire on deputy will assess Aiming Points and if accurate enough main force [inserted] will [/inserted] be orders to bomb one a bath AP’s. If marking is not accurate enough h is to order A/C to return to base without bombing. As A.P. is near built up area crews are to be specially warned bot to bomb unless markers are seen. If no markers are seen bombs to be brought back.


“Bomb aimers briefing - Paris marshalling yards,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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