Bomb aimers briefing - Paris marshalling yards



Bomb aimers briefing - Paris marshalling yards


Shows one bomb load for squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window, effort level and method including target marking by Pathfinder Mosquito. On the reverse, route, wave details and heights.

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[Table of Bomb Loads)
[inserted] PARIS MARSHALLING YARDS [/inserted]
[Table of Bombing Instructions]

[Preselection Table]

[Aircraft Height Table]
Method:- P.F.F musical mosquitoes will mark target with T.I. Green at Zero Hours. Target then illuminated by flares from Z+1 to Z+5 ½ . Meanwhile 1 mosq. of 617 Sqdn. Will lark A/P with red spot fires. When accurately marked A/P backed up by further red spot fires. Banking instructions will then be given a W/T by controller. Main force A/C should arrive at target between +15 & Z+40. Air bombs in accordance with instructions given by controllers.
Not to bawl amber markers are seen. If not seen, bombs to be brought back.
If necessary to jettison it must be within 5 miles of French coast.


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