Bomb aimers briefing 1 May 1944



Bomb aimers briefing 1 May 1944


Shows four bomb loads for the squadron. Includes preselection settings, Window, route and method. Mentions that Moisquito will search for and mark target. Annotated 'Toulouse'. On the reverse target marking and bombing notes.



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43° 34 N
01 26 E
[underlined] TOULOUSE[/underlined]
1- 5- 44
K.P Y.S. MEJGUO T.X.Q. U.P. (619) F.
[underlined] 79.45 Tons[/underlined]

[Table of Bomb Loads)

[Table of Bombing Instructions]

[Preselection Table]

[Aircraft Height Table]

ROUTE – Base – A Reading – B Selsa Bill - C 4922 x 0055W – D. 4430 x 0010E –[indecipherable] 4345 x0135E Target – D- F4845 x 0005W – C.B.A. Base
METHOD. 4Mosq. Will search for A.P>t. The first to find it will inform the other & drop 2 Red spot fires. 2nd Mosq. Will assess if accurate will order main force to [indecipherable] through controller. The Controller will back up the initial aiming point. If controller considers it necessary to back up he will fire Red very light and order mosq. To re-mark on the way back –up himself or order his deputy to do so, He is then to order main force to re-commence bombing & fire green very light.
If first marker is inaccurate leader will order mosq. to remark & will inform controller which is correct marker. The controller will give instruction to back-up if necessary. Controller will issue all instructions to main force by 1196 & W/T. If it is necessary to accentuate any marking or give any special directions Green TI. May be dropped.


“Bomb aimers briefing 1 May 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 9, 2023,

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