Operations order 19 May 1944



Operations order 19 May 1944


Lists crews and aircraft for operations 19/20 May 1944. Includes duty personnel and timings. Annotated with heights for each aircraft.



Temporal Coverage



One-page typewritten document


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[underlined] NO. 44 (RHODESIA) SQUADRON. [/underlined] [underlined] 19TH. May, 1944. [/underlined]

Serial No. 78/44. [/underlined]

[underlined] ND.578.Y.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 6000 H [/inserted]
W/Cdr. Thompson. DFC.
F/Lt. Burrows. DFC.
F/S. Stancer.
F/O. Roberts.
[underlined] F/Lt. Lowry. [/underlined]
F/S. Burden.
F/S. Hall.

[underlined] ND.973.A.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 8500 H [/inserted]
P/O. Baxter.
Sgt. Betterton.
W/O. Rutherford.
[underlined] W/O. Young. [/underlined]
F/S. Scholes.
Sgt. Taylor.
Sgt. Whitfield.

[underlined] ND.869.M.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 6250 H+1 [/inserted]
F/Lt. Hildred.
Sgt. Bender.
F/O. Turner.
[underlined] Sgt. Treloar. [/underlined]
F/S. Parker.
F/O. Hourigan.
F/O. Bradshaw.
= Sgt. Frost.

[underlined] ME.694.L.(I). [/underlined] [inserted] 8250 H+1 [/inserted]
P/O. Davey.
Sgt. Legge.
F/S. Forman.
[underlined] Sgt. Jacobs. [/underlined]
Sgt. Nutty.
W/O. Pass.
Sgt. Carter.
+ P/O. Dunn.

[underlined] ND.751.J.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 7750 H+2 [/inserted]
P/O. Aiken.
Sgt. Lewarne.
F/S. Riddock.
[underlined] Sgt. Simmons. [/underlined]
Sgt. Rawson.
Sgt. Hare.
Sgt. Lewis.

[underlined] ME.743.G.(I). [/underlined] [inserted] 6500 H+3 [/inserted]
F/O. Merrick.
Sgt. Carling.
F/O. Poulter.
[underlined] F/O. Bartlett. [/underlined]
Sgt. Dickenson.
Sgt. Warll.
Sgt. Thomas.
+ P/O. Stockwell.

[underlined] LL.965.C.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 7500 H+3 [/inserted]
P/O. Taylor.
Sgt. Aherne.
Sgt. Bushby.
[underlined] Sgt. Graven. [/underlined]
Sgt. Stauber.
F/S. Astle.
Sgt. Conquest.

[underlined] ND.519.E.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 7250 H+6 [/inserted]
P/O. Ibbotson.
Sgt. Worrall.
F/S. Greatz.
[underlined] F/S. Murray. [/underlined]
Sgt. Andrews.
Sgt. Whatehand.
Sgt. Wells.

[underlined] ME.634.P.(I). [/underlined] [inserted] 6750 H+5 [/inserted]
F/O. Stephenson.
Sgt. Langford.
F/S. Airey.
[underlined] F/S. Wilson. [/underlined]
Sgt. Robinson.
F/S. Dooley. DFM.
F/S. Schott.
= Sgt. Deutscher.

[underlined] ND.689/G.O.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 8750 H+4 [/inserted]
P/O. Hobbs.
Sgt. Hall.
Sgt. Fenwick.
[underlined] W/O. Scott. [/underlined]
Sgt. Garnsey.
Sgt. Wright.
Sgt. Ingram.
+ F/S. Barber.

[underlined] ME.699.T.(I). [/underlined] [inserted] 9000 H+4 [/inserted]
P/O. Young.
Sgt. Robinson.
F/O. Wareham.
[underlined] Sgt. Wainwright. [/underlined]
Sgt. Jackson.
Sgt. Rennie.
Sgt. Routledge.

[underlined] ND.552.X.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 8000 H+6 [/inserted]
F/O. Smith.
Sgt. Barber.
F/O. Calder.
[underlined] Sgt. Steele. [/underlined]
Sgt. Bozier.
Sgt. Blackie.
Sgt. Brett.

[underlined] ND.698/G.Q.(III). [/underlined] [inserted] 7000 H+7 [/inserted]
F/O. Hough.
Sgt. Hoar.
Sgt. Priestley.
[underlined] Sgt. Singer. [/underlined]
Sgt. Nichols.
Sgt. Anderson.
Sgt. Hanna.

[underlined] LL.938.S.(I). [/underlined] [inserted] 7500 H+7 [/inserted]
P/O. Graaff.
Sgt. Critchley.
F/O. Hildrew.
[underlined] Sgt. Gibberson. [/underlined]
Sgt. Burke.
Sgt. Payne.
Sgt. Hore.

[underlined] STANDBY NO.1. [/underlined] [inserted] Z 7000 H+5 [/inserted]
F/L. White.
Sgt. Rickard.
F/S. Jones.
[underlined] Sgt. Jenkins. [/underlined]
P/O. Marston.
Sgt. Burnett.
Sgt. Nicholson.

[underlined] STANDBY NO.2. [/underlined] [inserted] K 8000 H+2 [/inserted]
F/S. Binion.
F/S. Brindle. DFM.
Sgt. Kennedy.
[underlined] F/S. Gebhard. [/underlined]
Sgt. Stroud.
Sgt. Micalchuk.
Sgt. Knox.
= F/S. Airey.

[inserted] Res. R. [/inserted]

P/O. Greenfield.
Sgt. Haly.
[underlined] Sgt. Hawkes. [/underlined]
F/S. Knight.
Sgt. Page.
Sgt. Roe.

Note: + 2nd. Pilot. = 2nd. Navigator.

BRIEFING: NAVIGATORS & SPEC. : [inserted] 1830 [/inserted] CAPTAINS : [inserted] 1900 [/inserted] MAIN : [inserted] 1930 [/inserted]

Officer i/c Night Flying : To be detailed.
Duty F/Engineer : F/S. Faraday & Sgt. Haly.
Duty Electricians : LAC. Morgan & Warwick.
Duty Signals : Cpl. Perry & LAC. Moore.
Duty Armr. NCO’s. : Cpl. Munro.
Duty Flight NCO’s. : Sgts. Dorrington & Rubenstein.
Duty Photos : LAC Gerrard.
Duty Clerk : LAC. Gumprich.
Duty A/Bomber : P/O. McCallum.
Duty Signals Officer : P/O. Dicken.
Duty F/Eng. : F/S. Faraday.
Duty Gunnery : F/O. Mills & W/O. Groves.

[underlined] (SGD) E.O. COLLCUTT, F/Lt.
for Wing Commander, Commanding,
NO.44(RHODESIA)SQUADRON. [/underlined]


E O Collcutt and Great Britain. Royal Air Force, “Operations order 19 May 1944,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 3, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7144.

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