Letter written by Sergeant Peter Lees to his parents in case of his loss in action



Letter written by Sergeant Peter Lees to his parents in case of his loss in action


Letter requests parents not to grieve, instructs them what to do with his kit, makes some monetary bequest and asks that they let Wendy Drayton know what has happened.


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Three page letter mounted in three frames


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[the letter is mounted and on the mounting is written ‘Loss of Sgt Pete Lees 23/11/’43 Letter written by Pete to his parents in case he did not return.’]
Dear Mother & Dad
I am writing this letter hoping that you will not have to read it I am leaving instructions for it to be sent to you if I fail to return some day
Firstly I do not want you to Greive [sic] I know that is asking a lot but perhaps the picture is not so dark as it looks at first.
The odds are that I will have ‘got away with it’ and will be home by the end of the war
If I have been taken prisoner of war I shall be able to send you a card or letter which you will be getting in
[page break]
between 4 and 6 weeks
I am asking for my personal kit to be sent home in my case I would like you to keep it for a year then dispose of it if and how you think fit
I want you to give Pauline 5£ [sic] worth of Saving Certificates (at purchasing value) on her 21st Birthday and a further 20£ worth for a wedding present or any other time you may think fit the remainder of my money etc I want you to use for the cottage to which you hope to retire too [sic]
Will you send a note to Wendy Drayton, 15 high Street, Wells Somerset telling her what has
[page break]
May god bless all of you with his help we can hope for a happy reunion in the not to distant future
With all my love
[underlined] Peter M Lees [/underlined]



Peter Lees, “Letter written by Sergeant Peter Lees to his parents in case of his loss in action,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/7076.

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