Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton



Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton


Peter Lamprey writes that he is undergoing including intensive training at Royal Air Force Yatesbury and about an injury from an assault course.





Four page handwritten letter


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1384535. LAC. Lamprey.
Hut. X35. A. Sqdn.
No 1 Air Crew Wing.
RAF. Yatesbury.
[underlined] Wilts. [/underlined]

Dear Bill etc.
This long silence has more than likely baffled you but - as usual – I have a cast iron alibi. (RAF trained). For the past fortnight they have been toughening us up. Another fortnight like it and lay us up will be nearer the mark. Work starts at 7.55 am and finishes with the utmost regularity at 2100 hrs. Six days a week and lectures every Sunday as make weight. It has been almost impossible to find time to write one letter a week. As for going on the belt – that is

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[underlined] 2. [/underlined]

a thing of the past. A pleasant memory of the days of Invernessing. [sic]

This course is a terrific proposition. You have to learn more in three or four weeks than we learned on out previous course of 14 weeks. So far I am getting by, but if the pace gets any hotter I am afraid there will be an explosion and they’ll sort peices [sic] (sorry) of my skull out of the ceiling.

If Charlie is at Blackpool still, he should get a letter from me this weekend. He no doubt feels like a proper airman by now but after my letter he’ll realise the gap between us old sweats and the new intake. The same goes for the two goons, Moloney and Cherry. The reason for this rush of letter writing is a badly cut leg that will keep me limping for a

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week and has allowed me to drop out of the last two P.T. periods. It happened when we were doing a bit of monkey business on a rope traverse. As usual – Joe had to be the one who went first and caught his thigh on a stretcher rod. The rest of the mob are not so much sorry as envious.

All the gang have been broken up and stuffed into different squadrons so there hasn’t been quite so much excitement flying around. They call us cadets now and the only excitement is when some softskull [sic] reminds you of it. There is a possibility of things getting a bit less hectic in the matter of work and I think there will then be an outbreak of debauchery.

I received your last letter and

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[underlined] 4. [/underlined]

contents safely. Thanks for everything. The news from the war front is very much the same as last time. Bags of flying hours and school. There are a number of nice fillies around but they think we are all nutty so there has been very little contact so far. However don’t worry – things can’t last like this and I should have a bit more to write about next time.

Tell Fred. Godspeed that I met George Parker (News of World) yesterday and he wants to be remembered. He is a Procedure Corporal down here. Lots of love and kisses to all.
All the best.
[underlined] Pete. [/underlined]



Peter Lamprey, “Letter from Peter Lamprey to W Gunton,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/6554.

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