RAF Heaton Park [entry point]


RAF Heaton Park [entry point]


RAF Heaton Park was an aircrew despatch centre located in the northern suburbs of Manchester 4 miles (7 kms) from the city centre.

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Heaton Park is over 500 acres of parkland and countryside. During World War Two it was used by the RAF as a holding and despatch centre for aircrew under training. Aircrew were either housed on site in Nissen Huts, tents or billeted in the nearby neighbourhood. All aircrew designated for pilot, navigator or bomb aimer (PNB) training were sent to RAF Heaton Park after completing their Initial Training Wing courses. From RAF Heaton Park many were sent to Elementary Flying Training Schools or Navigator/Bomb Aimer schools for grading following which they would return to Heaton Park to await their next specialist training posting. Many went to overseas locations as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan aka the Empire Air Training Scheme. Some aircrew were at RAF Heaton Park for months and, impatient for active service, changed to become air gunners as that training course was shorter.


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